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'Natikoli' actress Ragini has said that she doesn't have anything to do with 'Huli' producer Shivaprakash interrupting the photo shoot of the film and manhandling producer Venkat and director Sriinivasaraju and I am not responsible for the incident.

Speaking to Chitraloka.com, 'when the incident happened I was in the dressing room and when I came out the incident had already occurred. I have met shivaprakash only once. I don't know why so many people had come there for the photo shoot. I don't have any boy friend or I'm in relationship with anyone. At present my work is only with the films and nothing else' says Ragini.

The actress says she advised producer Venkat to file a complaint against Shivaprakash in the KFCC and KFPA. 'I have told producer Venkat to file a complaint to KFCC. I go alone to shoots and not even my parents accompany me for shooting. Sometimes it turns out to be dangerous like this. I have nothing to do with this nor am I responsible for such an incident' says Ragini.

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