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The end of fugitive Veerappan on Monday night with three of his aides in a bloody bullet war is a big respite for everyone. In the flashback trauma this dreaded poacher, killer and smuggler Veerappan was nightmare to many.

The end coming during the ‘Dasara’ is a symbolic end of the ‘Rakshasa Pravruthi’ – demon destruction. It is during this ‘Dasara’ goddess Chamundeswari has ended the demonization of ‘Mahishasura’.

What is big relief now with the end of Veerappan atrocities is also stressing with many questions going unanswered.

However, the entire Kannada film industry was hoping for this to happen. The icon of Kannada cinema Dr.Rajkumar, S.A.Govindaraj, Nagesh and Nagappa Maradagi were in the captive faced hell in the forest for 108 days. For no mistake all these persons faced trials and tribulations leaving the entire Kannada filmdom and Karnataka on tenterhooks.

Obviously Dr.Rajkumar and his family feels comfortable. The two sons of Dr.Rajkumar – Shiv and Raghu lived sipping tea for 108 days. Puneet was a worried son completely. Smt.Parvathamma Rajkumar was hospitalized for sometime in this period. The total episode was very hard to digest.

Alas, the demon bowed his head to a magnificent personality like Dr.Rajkumar. Nagappa Maradagi escaped on the 68th day S.A.Govindaraj came a few days before Dr.Rajkumar and Nagesh on account of ill health. But it was a big relief at last. Dr.Raj lead a sage like life in the forest.

The filmdom was closed for 108 days the economy of Karnataka was disturbed. That was the power and charisma of Dr.Rajkumar.