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The Mask and trick master in cinematography who lived on par with national level cinematographers like S.D.Lal and Dwaraka Dwiveja - the doyen of cinematography in Kannada cinema R.Madhusoodhan died on Thursady night at Chennai. He is aged 60. He leaves behind his wife, son, daughter and lot of admirers in the industry.
Madhusoodhan a silent and down to earth simple personality in his 60 years believed in hard work. He used to fix camera in one particular place and never used to readjust till the shot is over. Very rarely cameramen work on this style. A man with conviction and great potentiality he was the younger brother of eminent director of Kannada cinema Y.R.Swamy. He began his career from devotional film starring Dr.Rajkumar in ‘Bhakta Kanakadasa’ in 1960. Looking at his style Hunsur Krishnamurthyji invited him for ‘Ratna Manjari’. The real talent of Madhusoodhan became a big talk in the film circle after ‘Swarna Gowri’ film. He joined comedian Ratnakar and made ‘Shani Prabhava’.
The unforgettable ‘Shanker Guru’ in which Dr.Rajkumar played triple roles, Prema Loka that has set a trend in the Ishwari Pictures, Shanthi Kranthi, Naanu Nanna Hendthi, Havina Hede, Ranadheera, Adhe Kannu, Nee Nanna Gellalare are some of the notable films in nearly 100 films in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages he had worked.
SENIOR ACTOR SRINIVASAMURTHY REMEMBERS MADHUSOODHAN – I knew very closely this gentleman cameraman with lot of education since 25 years. >From the days of my age of 14 I knew Madhusoodhanji. It is he who asked me to return to Bangalore when I went to Madras to ask for a role with director Y.R.Swamy. From the film ‘Bhakta Siriyala’ I became close to Madhusoodhanji and worked many films under his cinematography.
He is a special man in the history of Kannada cinema. He is a man with perfection. Slightly moody was always fond of chewing paan after food. He had no bad habits recalled Srinivasamurthy. A senior person like Narayana Reddy even after working in a few films as cameraman always preferred to work under Madhusoodhanji as associate Srinivsamurthy added.