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The year 2004 is known for success and ruckus. From the month of August on the moratorium issue there is hullabaloo. While the crop in the last year was 101 films and success was very less the success from 81 films released this year is notable. It is somewhere 35 percent. Four films – Malla, Aptha Mithra, Monalisa and Kalasipalya are super hit films. Veera Kannadiga, Durgi, Mourya, Ba Baro Rasika and Bhagwan are hit films. Dharma, Poorvpara, (Ranga SSLC), Ramakrishna, Gowdru, Shuklambaradaram, Sahukara, Rahasya, Joke Falls, Samudra, Kanti and Nalla are average hits.

The disasters of the year are - Kadamba, Abbabba Entha Huduga, Rowdy Aliya, Sarvabowma, Love, Kanakambari, Santosha, Omkaara and Mellisure Savigana. These are all the expected hit but crashed at the box office.

The hero of the year is trailblazer Ravichandran – ‘Malla’, ‘Ramakrishna’ and ‘Sahukara’. Ravichandran scored music for an outside banner, he finished his brother’s film ‘Aham Premasmi’, introduced sale of audio cassettes via cable operators and of course he worked in almost all the areas of film making like story, screenplay, music, lyrics etc. That’s why we give full marks to Ravichandran. He is an all rounder and proved that he is the successful all rounder of the year.

Vishnuvardhan occupies the second place one massive hit out of all four remakes released. While ‘Aptha Mithra’ raked Rs.12 crores ‘Sahukara’ is average. Kadamba in the beginning of the year bombed but the result of ‘Jyeshta’ is not yet known.

For Puneeth Rajkumar this is memorable as he became a hat trick hero from his January 1st 2004 release – Veera Kannadiga. It ran for 100 days. ‘Mourya’ a remake is nearing for 100 days.

Two of the five releases of Darshan – Bhagwan and Kalasipalya made good collection. While a film in his name was a disaster Dharma is average and Sardara is slowly recovering. Sunil Rao had a good year with ‘Babaro Rasika’ making good profits. Another film for 31st December 2004 ‘Chappale’ would be known later. For Ramesh the year is tolerable – Bisi Bisi, Aptha Mithra and Joke Falls were pretty good.  

Sudeep is average with two films Ranga SSLC and Nalla, disaster for Upendra and Shivrajkumar the top stars. Upendra’s Omkara crashed like how Shivrajkumar Rowdy Aliya and Sarvabowma bombed.  

Saikumar (5), Devraj (7) and Jaggesh (2) have to rethink in their professional career. The year is shocking for newcomer Adhitya the third generation actor from the family of S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu. ‘Love’ crashed at the box office. Mohan became an action hero from Shuklambaradaram and his two other films Malla and Pakkadmane Hudugi given him a good standing.

In the list of one film each are Murali, Vijaya Raghavendra, Raghvendra Rajkumar, Dhyan (pretty good in Monalisa), B.C.Patil, Naveen Myoor and Naveen Krishna did not bite as badly as their seniors.

The heroine of the year in numbers is Anu Prabhakar with five films. But it is year of good returns for Ramya and Rakshita. Ramya’s Kanti and Ranga SSLC were pretty good. Rakshita’s Kalasipalya is the lone hit while the other two Avale Nanna Gelathi and Love were disasters. It was one hit and one miss for Mrs Upendra – Priyanka – Malla was super hit while Rowdy Aliya bombed. For actress Malashri who became mother to second child this year ‘Durgi’ got good returns. Ramyakrishna lit up the moods from her body language from ‘Babaro Rasika’. For Prema ‘Aptha Mithra’ was the lone success and release.

Yet another actress who was received rave reviews from ‘Aptha Mithra’ was Soundarya. It is so unfortunate that she died in a plane crash on April 17,2004 with her brother and two others.  

The notable directors of the year are Ravichandran, Dayal, P.L.Indrajith, Om Prakash Rao, P.Vasu and Bharat of Kanti.

The music directors Hamsalekha (5) and Gurukiran (3) take lead in success. Rajesh Ramanath has taken a pledge in the year not to score music for remakes. He has seven releases in the year. Ravichandran’s musical score ‘Malla’ is undoubtedly a super hit of the year.

Among the cameramen Ramesh Babu, Sundarnath Suvarna, Krishnakumar and GSV Seetharam share top honors.



• HD camera was used for shooting ‘Kanakambari’. In the same year Digi Quest latest camera was also used for Oh Gulabiye shooting.

• Bisi Bisi and Love went mobile. Bisi Bisi in reliance and Love in Airtel.

• Sudeep jumped from a height from helicopter for reliance ad.

• Wax statue of Shivrajkumar was inaugurated.

• K.Kalyan became a singer from ‘Avaligaagi’

• Jagadish Malnad and Manjrekar studio was opened.

• Puttanna Kanagal theatre closed. Later it was used for Police station.

• Sugama Sangeeth parsihat musical evening, SPB musical evening for the first time in Bangalore.

• Sadhana music school 3rd branch was opened in Jayanagar.

• Operation to Dr.Rajkumar heart.

• ET on non Kannada reduced from 70 to 40 percent.

• Rajesh Ramanath declared not to take up remakes.

• Dr.Rajkumar signs a letter to donate his eyes.

• Kanteerava studio goes to private hands.

• Kannada Karoke was introduced by Sadhana Music School.

• Sparsha 24 hours channel went on air from world space.

• Wind instrument was introduced by Madan Patel.

• Stuntmen association completed 25 years.

• Aptha Mithra to Tamil and Telugu.

• Nagabharana becomes President of Kannada film directors association.


• Nagabharana the renowned director film festival for having completed 50 years.

• B.C.Patil was elected to Assembly for the first time from JDS ticket.

• Puneeth Rajkumar becomes hat trick hero.

• ‘Excuse Me’ silver jubilee.

• PRO Kallesh married Latha.

• Dr.Rajkumar enters 50 years stay in film career.

• Halo Gandhinagar film awards

• Sushma starts Akankshi album.

• Ravichandran accepted first outside banner ‘Ayya’ to score music.

• P.Susheela felicitated by Sangeeth Melody.

• ETV – Paripoorna Mahile – Sudha Murthy of Infosys, Vakita man of the year goes to Sri Veerendra Heggade Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala.

• Pandari Bai Ashram was handed over to Pejawar Mut.

• Anu ambassador to Suko bank, Upendra to Nandini products, he gets the Nandagopala award from KMF.

• Raghavendra Chitravani award to Dwarakish, Siddalingaiah and Shyamasunder Kulkarni.

• Kuvempu Ganakogile award to Playback singer P.B.Srinivos.

• 3rd time Sudeep wins the film fare award.

• ‘Excuse Me’ selected for Chinese film festival.

• Only film in the year ‘Monalisa’ to complete 100 days celebration.

• Pravaha was selected for Indian panorama.

• Akila Karnataka Television Association was formed.

• G.M.Rejoyz 3 floor studio and function floors inaugurated.

• Rajyotsava award to Dayanayak, Swami, Harini, light musicians Muddukrishna and Kikkieri Krishmmurthy.

• P.H.Vishwanath to state award committee and M.S.Sathyu to quality tag committee.

• V.Manohar married Nagaveni, Durga Shetty got married. Actor Dharma weds. Ramesh Bhat’s son, K.V.Jayaram’s daughter, Basanthkumar Patil daughter got married.

• Upendra and Priyanka became parents to son Ayush. Sudeep became father to Sanvi baby girl, Malashri delivered a baby boy, Kavitha Lankesh also becomes mother to girl child.


• The major controversy of the year is the moratorium issue. Two times Dr.Rajkumar and Kannada filmdom came to streets to save Kannada films. On August 9 and November 25. From 7 weeks the moratorium was reduced to three weeks. This gentleman agreement reached at Deputy CM office was breached. Thus the high voltage action drama gathered momentum. The theatres were attacked journalists were beaten. At present the moratorium issue is at the court.

• Tumkur state award in the early of the year was boycotted by media as there were no proper arrangements.

• Producer Balraj and director Prem leveled charges.

• Actress Namitha (Rekha M.Desai) and photographer Mokshendra on remuneration commission issue/

• Ganesh of Navabharathi hits out at Sourav and censor board. Later he got clearance from revising committee.

• Umashri hits out at producer N.Kumar on remuneration issue.

• Kanti in censor trouble.

• Sudeep and Ramya clash on the sets of Ranga SSLC.

• Cable TV operators strike for one day in July.

• Ban on S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu was a laughing stock. The media was misguided. Later Kumaraswamy pleaded ignorance on this. The ban automatically got cancelled. The exhibitors association was also dissolved later on.

• Cine journalists took objections for the contents in the letter sent by Kannada Film Producers Association.

• Soorappa Babu and K.Manju exchange unpleasant atmosphere.

• Rajesh Ramnath called SPB stupid for his observation in ETV program.

• Ambarish formula on crisis failed.

• Sanjana – Priyanka Pandi troubled the producers of ‘Raaya’ by not turning to the sets.

• Indrajit Lankesh attacked KFPA.

• Meera Jasmine attempted to commit suicide.

• Attach on theatres for defying the gentleman agreement.

• Disturbance to Girish Kasaravalli film.

• Karnataka film chamber of commerce board was changed to Kannada film chamber of commerce.

• Actress Sushma, producers Ba.Ma.Harish and Umesh Banakar quarrel. Producers were imprisoned on Ayyo Pandu controversy.

• Chidanand of Papa Pandu returns back and admitted that he has made mistake.


• Actress Soundarya, her brother Amar and two others killed in plane crash in Bangalore.

• Former CM Ramakrishna Hegde who acted in two Kannada films also responsible for introducing subsidy in late 60’s to Kannada died.

• Vadiraj, Rajanand, Lokesh, Mahmood, Roopasri in road accident died.

• Cameramen B.C.Gowrishanker and D.V.Rajaram died in one week’s gap. B.N.Haridas is another veteran cameraman also died.

• Producer H.G.Narayana gowda of Matadana and Kanuru Heggadathi.

• Arun producer and owner of Arun Kalavidaru died of kidney failure.

• Director Bheema Nagaraj.

• Choreographer Udupi Jayaram.

• M.N.Basavarajaiah of Premier Studio in Mysore.

• H.V.Subba Rao producer and lyricist.

• Gangadhar a veteran poster designer.

• Senior film journalist M.V.Ramakrishnaiah.


Producers – Among the many producers who ventured in to this business of entertainment producers of Babaro Rasika and Monalisa reaped good results. Edakallu Guddada Chandrasekhar’s debut as director from ‘Poorvapara’ was very well received. Suresh Krissna coming to Kannada this year was able to make two remakes with Vishnuvardhana and there is nothing big to write about him. K.V.Chandrakanth’s ‘Dharma’ was average, Nagendraprasad debut as director did well in handling the direction. Bharat of ‘Kanti’ is another newcomer director who is promising.

Among the actors Adhitya had a bag beginning from ‘Love’. It was a ‘love’ failure for him. Klabhavan Mani, Sayyaji Shinde, Dipak Divekar, Mohanlal, Sriharsha, Anilkalyan, Siddarth, Rajesh Ramnath are the others who made debut.

Among the heroines Anitha was promising with two films Veera Kannadiga and Santosha, Swapna, Naaz, Prashanthini, Samitha, Gopika, Preethi, Mithika, Laxmi Gopalaswamy, Sada, Shakeela, Mayuri, Ranjitha, Keerthi Chawla, Preethi Zingania, Meera Jasmine, Priyadarshini and Pranathi are the others who made debut in Kannada in 2004.

Music directors Chakri, Valisha Sandeep, Anu Mallik, Pravid D.Rao, Milind Dharmasena are also newcomers. Venkat R.Prasad, Krishna, Rajarathnam Johnny Harsha, Ramana Raja Shiralakoppa, B.L.Babu andSuresh Babu are the other who made debut as cameramen.


Veera Kannadiga, Kadamba, Bisi Bisi, Malla, Rowdy Aliya, Om Ganesh, Abbabba Entha Huduga, Pandava, Baithare Baithare, Teenagers, Dharma, Avale Nanna Gelathi, Ok Saar OK, Sagari, Y2K, Poorvapara, The City, Agodella Olledakke, Monda, Darshan, Friendship, Preethi Nee Illadhe Hyagirali, Ranga (SSLC), Kanasina Loka, Durgi, Nija, Monalisa, Hendthi Andre Hendthi, Srirampura Police station, Ramakrishna, Mellusire Savigana, Samudra, Pati Patni Avalu, Ba baro Rasika, Sakhi, Kanasu, Devasura, Crime Story, Kanakambari, Love, Kanti, Gowdru, Target, Sarvabowma, Bhagwan, Ajju, Nari Munidhare Gandu Parari, Pakkadmane Hudugi, Bidalaaare, Aptha Mithra, Shuklambaradaram, Praana, Yahoo, Omkaara, Sahukara, Aha Nanna Thangi Madhuve, Rahasya, Kalasipalya, Mourya, Srushti, Nalla, Santosha, Trin Trin, Aliya Mane Tholiya, Joke Falls, Saradara, JHyeshta, Kanchanaganga, Chappala, Swarna, Dharma Yodharu, Super Aliya, Muni, Bhagat, Priya Manase, Mahasambrama, Real Rowdy, Thallikattuva Shuba Vele and Jennifer.


Kadamba, Pandava, Sagari, Preethi Nee Illadhe Naa Hyagirali, Ramakrishna, Devasura, Gowdru, Pakkadmane Hudugi, Sahukara, Mourya, Nalla, Trin Trin, Joke Falls, Jyeshta, Mahasadhvi Mallamma – 16 remakes.