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dr rajkumar (pic by km veeresh)

July 30, 9.30 pm –Gajanur village near Talawadi – Dr.Rajkumar sitting on the floor after finishing the dinner and watching the Television programme, a gang of armed men surrounded the house and asked for ‘Sir’. Dr.Rajkumar stood up when Veerappan came in front of him and agreed to come with him. Veerappan picked up the spectacles and picked up three persons brother in law cum son in law S.A.Govindaraju, Assistant director Nagappa and distant relative Nagesh and left for the deep jungles. With this forest outlaw Veerappan has kidnapped the prestigious and precious jewel of Karnataka Dr.Rajkumar

July 31- The entire State is shocked with the news of Dr.Rajkumar kidnap. An audio tape received by Smt.Parvathamma from Veerappan was handed over to Karnataka Chief Minister after reaching early in the morning. Karnataka Chief Minister S.M.Krishna along with Smt.Parvathamma Rajkumar and son Raghavendra Rajkumar rushed to Chennai to hold talks with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce called on Bundh of film activities in Karnataka.Aug 3 - Joint emissary of two States R.R.Gopal left for meeting with Veerappan.

Aug 5 -  Veerappan sends his second audio tape which consisted his demands.

Dr.Rajkumar appealed in the audio tape for his fans and family to stay cool.

Aug 7 – TADA charges dropping decision taken by Karnataka State – one of the chief demands of Veerappan

Aug 11   Forest outlaw sends video tape this time expressing his displeasure on not meeting his demands.

Aug 16 – R.R.Gopal the emissary left for forest for second time

Aug 20  - Detainees moved the bail applications in Mysore after State dropping the charges

Aug 21 – Abdul Kareem, father of slain police officer raised strong objection to dropping TADA charges and moved to the Supreme Court of India.

Aug 24 – Gopal returns to Chennai with clarification sought by Veerappan

Aug 25 – Fund formed for Rs.5 crore asked by forest outlaw Veerappan

Aug 27 – Gopal enters forest for the third time

Aug 30 -  The TADA court in Mysore orders release of 51 detainees

Sept 1 – The Supreme Court of India stayed the bail granted to TADA detainees

Sept 4 -  The Supreme Court of India asked the States to file responses within 10 days

Sept 6 -  The adamant Veerappan sends back Gopal empty handed. He brought third video cassette

Sept 8 – The TN CM M.Karunanidhi meets the Karnataka CM and Parvathamma Rajkukmar in Bangalore

Sept 11 – TN government said Supreme Court that it is entitled to release detainees

Sept 13 – Karnataka filed an affidavit at SC

Sept. 17 – Tamil organizations file affidavit in SC – The fear of safety expressed in case Dr.Rajkumar is not released at the earliest.

industry after submitting memorandum to governer

Sept 19 – The entire Karnataka Film Industry held a peaceful protest in the city. Later the protests were held in districts of Karnataka.

Sept 20 – The Fourth mission of R.R.Gopal to forest

Smt.parvathamma Rajkumar, the wife of abducted, renowned producer was admitted to Mallaya Hospital for a mild heart attack.

TN Government blamed Karnataka for not informing about Dr.Rajkumar journey to Gajanur from where he was kidnapped.

Sept 22 – Centre files affidavit supporting the two States

Sept 28 – Hostage Nagappa makes a daring escape from the clutches of Veerappan

nagappa, s.m. krishna

KARNATAKA BUNDH called by Karnataka Film Industry was peaceful

Sept 29 – Veerappan sends audio tape to Tamil Nationalist Movement leader Nedumaran

The Karnataka Film Industry revoked the Bundh Call given. The film activities in the State began after 65 days of halt of activities.

H.D. Kumarswamy congragulate B.C. Patil

Oct 2 – MP’s and Opposition parties in State hold a crucial meeting with Karnataka Chief Minister.

Oct 9 – The services of Central Government is not required at this juncture says Karnataka Law Minister D.B.Chandre Gowda.

Oct 10 – Tamil Nationalist Movement leader Nadumaraman, Sukumaran, Prof.Kalyani joins Emissary Gopal to negotiate with Veerappan for the release of Dr.Rajkumar

Oct 11 – The SC asks for a parallel solution to Dr.Rajkumar release. Asked for two States meeting reports in a sealed cover.

Oct 12 – NHRC disagree to interfere in TADA cast

Oct 16 – Dr.Rajkumar’s son in law and also brother in law S.A.Govindaraju was released by Veerappan on the grounds of health.

govindraj at press meet

Oct 17 – Govindaraju speaks. He says Veerappan is very adamant. Dr.Rajkumar is hale and healthy. The key demands of Veerappan have to be met for the release says Govindaraju.

The Supreme Court of India says freeing Dr.Rajkumar is not the solution. It attacked the two State Governments.

Oct 19 – The Supreme Court says the TN government should have given security to Dr.Rajkumar. 

Oct 20 – The SC says it is not interested in the release of TADA detainees. Postponed hearing to Oct 31

Oct 28 – Tamil Liberation troupe threats to blow up police stations and railway tracks

Oct 30 -  The SC reserves verdict on TADA case

Nov 6 – The Katnataka Chief Minister says there was no other alternative left to the present set up of negotiations.

Nov 7 – The Supreme Court of India says no to release of TADA detainees.