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A distributor who tried to bring a revolution in the way films are distributed in Kannada is himself is now no more. Nag Prasad popularly known as Samarth Prasad has expired.

Stock broker, businessman and engineering college owner Samarth Prasad invested several crores in Kannada film distribution business. He pioneered the model of outright purchase of films by distributors. He distributed several high profile films of all top stars. Today he has lost all money, his business, college and even health. He was also hospitalized a few times.

Prasad entered Sandalwood by distributing Vishnuvardhana for Mysuru territory. He made profit. He decided to become a full time distributor. He wanted to bring corporate style business in the industry. He did. He picked up films like Chingari, Bheema Teeradalli and others. He spent money freely. Many film people benefited from him. Even today dozens of people have to repay Prasad. But given his condition, no one is ready to repay. One after another the big films Prasad purchased flopped. Without even a single decent profitable venture he ended up losing what he had earned in other businesses.