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The local censor chief Mr Chandrasekhara avare on behalf of the rich culture and heritage and the era of golden period of Kannada cinema here is a big salute for your style of functioning. You are absolutely right in issuing the instructions (that is with Chitraloka mega portal) but how long it can continue? According to us you should have been the chief of the All India Censor Board in New Delhi.
With a major threat to Kannada films from non Kannada and television, a film like 'Kasturi Nivasa, 'Phaniyamma' would not ring the cash registers today. Majority of our people in the society are corrupt. They want the culture to be maintained but at the same time wants to take pleasure out of somebody's pain. Our film makers have lost in the wind of indecent style of film making. What do you do when a Kannada film is censored in Mumbai or elsewhere? There are provisions to it. There are some examples in Telugu and Tamil filmdom.
The time of your arrival as the boss is not conducive atmosphere for you. It is either save Kannada or shave Kannada attitude. Because the onslaught Kannada films are receiving is so heavy.
After the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce meet, you have issued four page order copy from censor board to follow it up strictly. On vulgarity, violence, bad words you have been very clear.
For the construction of healthy culture loving and respecting society the film media plays a pivotal role. But, boss we feel we are at the finishing stage. One should appreciate you; at least you are trying to do something to Kannada Film Industry. Still be aware that there are brilliant writers who can find new words!
We bring you the three pages letter issued by Regional office, Central Board of Film Certification Bangalore.
No. Of Indian Feature Films Examined    43
No. Of Indian Feature Films Certified    46 (Table - II)
Total Length of Excisions carried out from the certified feature films    5407.00 Feet (Table - II)
Total Lenght of FEature Films Examined    4,03,616.00 Feet
Percentage of Excisions    1.33 %
Indian Feature Films Certified (Celluloid) from 1-7-2004 to 31-07-2004 (Language and Categorywise)
Language    U    U*    Tlt    UA    UA*    Tlt    A    A*    Tlt    S    S*    TLT    Grand TLT
Kannada    7    15    22    -    11    11    -    2    02                35
Hindi    1    -    01    1    -    01    -    -    -                02
Tamil    1    -    01    1    -    01    -    -    -                02
Telugu    1    2    03    1    1    02    1    -    01                06
Konkani    1    -    01    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    01
* With Cuts]

Details of Excisions
Song and Dance Sequence    - 447.00 feet
Vulgar and Obsence    - 1816.00 feet
Fighting scene    - 949.00 Feet
Others    - 2195.00 Feet
Number of Feature Films Undergoes excisions
0 to 100 Feet   -  15 Films
101 to 250 Feet  -   08 Films
251 to 500 Feet    - 04 Films
501 feet and above  -  03 Fims*
* Jeshta (Kan), * Jennifer, * Ssrusti

Regional Office, Central Board of Film Certification, Bangalore
List of Objectionable Words

Bolimagane, Bolimaga Reffering Woman to Eatables, Fruits, Vegetables, Drinks
Rasagulla, Gulkhan, Meetapan
Sulemagane Paanmasala, Garammasala Jamoon, Malgova, Rasapuri Tomato, Rum, Whisky, Coca-Cola
Bastard Reffering Woman to Non Living Things, such as
Ivanavvuan, Avanavvuan, Ninnavvuan, Ninnamman, Avanakkan, Ninnavvuna Gaadi, Jatakagadi, Dakotagaadi, Goodsgaadi, Brand Names like Maruti, Ambassador, Indica, Benz, etc.
Ninnaian, Avanaian, Ninnappna, Avanapana, Ninnaggi, Avlaggi, Gaandu Reggering woman in commercial terms
Ninnaggi, Avlaggi    Piece, Maalu, Fressmallu, Fresh, Second Hand, Item, Export-maalu, Export-hudugi, Colour, Machine, Engine, Train Thalehiduka
Bosudi, Bosudika    
Minda, Mindri    
Sule (as in abuse)
Rande, Munde    
Lowdimagane, Lowdi    
Set up (refg, to Woman    
Abuse against physically Handicapped persons (deformity)     
Keppa, Kivuda, Kuruda, Kunta, Kuntananamagane    
Figure refg to Woman    
Referring woman to animals, Birds (degrading)    
Koli, Natikoli, Farmkoli, Kudure, chillichicken

Sexy, Sexbomb
Hizada - as an abuse Shanda





















Selectively exposing woman's anatomy in close shots (eg. Breasts, cleavage, thighs, navel) in song and dance sequence through suggestive and indecorous costumes, movements, zooming particulary in close shots.
Double meaning dialogues particulary having sexual innuondos and affending women]
Stimulation of sexual movements (eg. by showing swimming of cards, cot ) particularly in close shots.
Man and woman standing opposite to each other or one over the other and in close proximity and making below-the-waist jerks suggesting copulation, particularly close shots.
Pelvic jerks, breast swinging, hip jerks, man and woman mounting on each other, rolling together, rubbing woman's body from breasts to thighs, hitting / rubbing man with breasts, sitting on each other's thighs and waist with entwined legs, squeezing woman's navel and waist particularly in close shots.
Vulgar kissing on breasts, navel, buttocks upper part of thighs.
Coins etc being put inside blouse and other tupes of eve-teasing
Disrobing women in public with an intention to humuliate them
Violence in and on places of worship, educational institutions, hospitals, orphanage, particularly using bombs, guns etc., will not be allowed.
Violence on pregnant women, handicapped persons and patients
Slapping / beating / assaulting of woman by kith and kin
Violence in police stations using chain, butts and third degree methods.
Violence using anima chains belt (imitable type of violence)
Visuals of violence on women for forcing them into prostitution
Stabbing, beheading, visuals or dead body imagining (could be shown suggestive or in flash)