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Puneeth Rajkumar's new film Power Star (Power***) has made a big impact on the box office. In the first week of its release (Thursday to Thursday, 8 days), the film has managed a gross collection of Rs 9 crore from the box office frome 275 theatres.

The distributor of the film, Samarth Prasad, says with such good collection he will break even in the second week. He has purchased the distribution rights for Rs 10.5 crore and spent Rs 50 lakh on publicity.

Prasad gave the collection details speaking exclusively to Chitraloka. His share from the first week is likely to be around Rs 7 crore discounting theatre rents and other ticket taxes. Prasad said he is confident that he will recover his remaining expenditure of Rs 4 crore in the second week and break even. This is the only official version of the film's box office collections so far.

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