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Its's official. Vijay Raghavendra has won the first season of the hugely popular 'Big Boss'. The actor was in the house for 99 days and has fought all odds to emerge the winner of the reality programme. What does Vijay feel after the show. Here are some exclusive excerpts from the interview.

Q) Not many in the film industry had confidence that you will win?
A) Yes. That's true. But I have proved everybody wrong this time. Nobody is perfect and I am also not perfect. I have also some deficiencies. But still I have won the show. I came here to understand life and I think I have understood it.

Q) Of the other participants, who do you think was the best?
A) Of the four contestants who came to the final round, I think Arun Sagar was the best. He wad really a strong contender. We both have similar tastes, attitudes and our insight towards the life is same.

Q) What do you think is your best and worst moments at the show?
A) The best moment I think I experienced in the show was my birthday. Till now, I celebrated my birthday with my family and friends. This time my friends in 'Big Boss' house celebrated it. It was a great moment for me. As for as the worst moment is concerned, I have experienced quite a few and is has enhanced me further. I have bravely faced such situations.

Q) Vijay seemed to miss his family a lot which was quite visible?
A) Yes, I have missed my family a lot in the last three months. Basically I am a detached person and can live alone. I was ready to live away from my family. But in reality, I missed my family a lot.

Q) Now that you are the winner, what is your future plans?
A) As of now, I have not chalked any plans. But I am honoured and want to thank each and everyone who stood with me and made me a winner. From now on, I will carefully plan my steps.