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For almost three months now, the remaining contestants in Bigg Boss have been locked up in the house. Ever wondered what they took with them? Obviously most of the items were clothes. Here is the statistics of how much the contestants took with them.
Among the final week contestants, 'Bramanda Gruji' Narendra Babu Sharma had the least needs. He took with him just 12 Kgs of luggage. He took with him 15 panches and 5 shalyas apart from his religious Kadagagalu. He is the contestant with the least amount of luggage among all the contestants till date.
Another godman who was in the show only for a few weeks, Kali Swamy, took 15 kgs of luggage in comparison. Kali swamy had 4 panches and devara pettige with him.
Among contestants who have been ousted from the reality show, Vinayak Joshij had 19 kgs of luggage, Aparna 20 kgs, Thilak 35 kgs, Swetha 25 kgs , Rishika Singh 35 kgs and Sanjana 22 kgs.
The contestant who was last to be ousted last week, Chandrika had the highest quantity of luggage with her. She had the highest with 40 kgs.
Among the remaining contestants, Arun Sagar has the maximum luggage weighing at 35 kgs. Actress Nikitha has 25 kgs and Vijay Raghavendra has the least with 20 kgs of luggage.
The show ends this week.
Statistics of kgs given above are not exact!

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