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In a quick reactionary survey conducted by Chitraloka on the Censor guidelines and its strictures faced by a few producers it is found out that the Censor members are not corrupt and they are not aware of the present trend. Another noticeable factor put forward by the leading producers and directors of Kannada cinema is that the ‘Uniform’ guidelines formation in the regions all over India is the urgent need.
Chitraloka passed on four pertinent questions to leading producers like Rockline Venkatesh, Ramu, Jai Jagdeesh and director S.Narayan. All the four persons selected have got a good standing at present in the Kannada filmdom.
For the four questions the leading persons in the industry answer it in an order. Here are the questions framed and answers collected in the respective order.
    1. Is Censorship is required for Kannada films?
    2. With the advent of MTV, AXN and FTV the sex has come to drawing room. Is there any meaning in our censorship?
    3. Is it possible to chalk out an internal Censor Board with the Producers and Directors?
    4. The Censor Board members are corrupt and accept bribe?
1. Censor is a must but the ancient guidelines have to be changed. It should be according to the trend. I believe a producer of a film is more responsible than censor members. If they order cuts unnecessarily sometimes it becomes key factor for us and inevitable to keep.
2. We keep the hen fight and bull fight in the films. All such are international games today.         Rules and regulations of Censor Board has to be uniform throughout the country and the change is most called for.
3. Not possible. It leads to internal squabbles. The consequences will not be good.
4. This is an utter lie. They are not corrupt. I tried to give the Video tapes of my film they did not accepted it.
1. When we have a look at the Television there is nothing questionable in Cinema. Censor strictures are a matter of great concern for us.
2. They don’t know the external world. Home and Office they know. Entertainment requires glamour. Otherwise why the people from TV jump to big screen.
3. The problems will be more with such a set up. They have to be liberal and uniform policy has to be maintained all over. Otherwise they have to stop the Television. What is required is that they have to change according to the trend and fashion.
4. I have no idea. I had problems for my film ‘Chamundi’. With the result it got delayed in release for one week.
1. For the present situation censor is a must. Family audience coming to theatre is less. Out of 70 films released 20 to 25 films cannot be watched in the theatres due to bad taste.
2. The exigency of sex and violence when the family audience comes to theatre could not be avoided. Whereas in small screen in our drawing rooms the TV sets could be easily switched off.
3. The guidelines should be uniform for all. I have been objected to keep the title of ‘Poojari’ for my film. Why should they object before anything is shown? Sometimes the same words from the originals have to be repeated. It is inevitable there should not be any objection.
4. For any of my commercial films I have not come across the bribe and corrupt ones.
Jai Jagadeesh, Producer, Actor
Producer of ‘Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu’ the recently affected producer Jai Jagdeesh is of the strong opinion that the committee members have no knowledge of cinema. If the covers are given they the work gets easily done. When they can set the films like ‘Deveeri’ and ‘Upendra’ that contained highly objectionable words why they are passing queries for other films. There is something fishy when one studies the past and present argues Jai Jagdeesh.