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A disappointed Anand Gowda who was engaged to actress Pooja Gandhi a few days ago says that he knew his marriage would be on rocks if he had put a foot forward after the engagement.  

"From the day of the engagement,  I was hearing comments being made by her family members about colour.  I was born with the same skin colour, but still Pooja's mother would sarcastically speaking about my colour.  And when my sister who had gone to Pooja's residence was humiliated by her mother, I decided to break out of this relationship' said Anand Gowda in a conversation with Chitraloka Mega Portal. 

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"Coming out of this relationship was my decision,  I dont have any regrets for agreeing to make her my life partner.  Our relationship was growing so for the past two years.  In fact I was responsible for her joining the political  bandwagon.  I have helped her monetarily  many a times which I do not want to mention now.  But I knew that Pooja had shared the same attitude about almost everything in life.  Some times she behaved like an arrogant woman  and her double speak really irritated me' said Anand Gowda.

' Pooja wanted only white skinned actors to romance in the movies as it would appeal the audience. I can tell you a recent incident that had happened' said Anand Gowda.

"The producers of Hanthaka (ki)  had approached Pooja Gandhi and had said that she had to act with Tilak or Santhosh.   But Pooja told me that both of them were black and she had actually wanted to work with a white skinned actor preferably from Mumbai.   I used my contacts to get an actor called Tarun Arora for the film. But even then she did not reveal that she had not liked something from me' said Anand Gowda.

"I am disappointed and also happy that I came out of a big mess that would have really made my life miserable' said Aanand Gowda in a parting note.

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