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kichcha sudeep as pailwaan

Pailwaan is being billed as the biggest release ever for a Kannada film for a reason. The film before its release on September 12 is getting bigger by the day. 

The simultaneous release of the film is now confirmed in over 30 countries. The number is going to go up further as the number of countries in Europe has to be finalized in the next couple of days. The number of countries in Asia is also to be added. The final count will be more than 50 easily, distributors of the film say. 

A significant milestone for the film is the release in a minimum of 5 African countries simultaneously. The film therefore will release in 5 Continents simultaneously barring Antarctica and South America. The film is also releasing in 5 language in most of these countries which is given below.

USA, Canada, UK, Europe (Various countries), Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UAE (All 7 Emirates), Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, DR Congo, Congo (IVR)