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In a surprising and strange development the Central Board of Film Certification is moving ahead to censor the film content on social media. As everyone knows making a movie is one of the toughest task and to release it is another big struggle. Now the CBFC is turning out to be the bigger problem than making and releasing the film. It is attacking film makers with a censor scissor for social media. 

Recently the Censor process was made online. Earlier it required about 40 days for the censor certificate to be obtained and now the time limits set down for various process of certificates is 68 days. As per this, even if the movie producer completes the shooting well in time he has to wait for 68 days to get the certificate. Now what happens to the film makers who have to submit the films for festivals or for some award and completes the film in November and want to get certificate by December? He will have to submit the film for the next year's awards and next year's festival!

Moreover  where is our regional censor office heading? When a producer applies for the censor he has to give some affidavits to the Censor office. From last two months our Regional censor officer Srinivasappa is taking an affidavit in the following words

"That I have produced Kannada Digital Feature film ..... I hereby certify that no part of the film promos/sons relating to the film ...... Kannada feature, not certified by Central Board of Film Certification has been telecast on any broad casting television channel, or Social media and i also undertake that in future also I will be telecast only the certified songs sequences promos / film programmes on TV Channels."

One should observe the word Social Media in the Affidavit  format given by the regional censor officer. Chitraloka searched the entire CBFCINDIA guidelines and nowhere we could find details or even a word about requirement of an affidavit let alone certificate for Social Media.


Regarding this Chitraloka contacted the earlier regional censor officer Mr Nagendra Swamy. He said that there are guidelines for film certification only. "As per cinematography act any movie which is screened in theatres censor certificate is required and as per the Cable Television Network Act 1995, any film material which has to be shown in the Television need censor. But for Online or Social Media there is no guidelines for censor. I am surprised by your words that they are taking an Affidavit mentioning about social media. This is not correct." 

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