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Records are meant to be broken. Sometimes records stand for a short time and in some cases they stand for many years, but eventually, they get broken. That is the natural law whether it comes to sports records or for that matter box office collection records of films.

In 2006 Ganesh acted Mungaru Male produced by E Krishnappa and directed by Yogaraj Bhat created history. It was not yet a digital era back then. Mungaru Male was released with just 18 prints initially. As weeks went by, more than 130 prints of the film was being circulated in theatres and screened at the same time. Regarding the revenue collections it created a very big record which came to be called the all time record in Kannada. From this movie Ganesh became Golden Star. Jayanna was the distributor of Mungaru Male.

In 2007 Duniya movie released and this film also became a block buster. Because of Mungaru Male and Duniya many good movies which were released during that time could not stand in front of the wave created by those two movies.

Mungaru Male producer Krishnappa again produced a movie Matte Mungaru directed by Dwarki starring Srinagara Kitty which was much appreciated but could not do much at the box office.

Since then many movies have tried to claim that they have broken the box office record of Mungaru Male. But none of them were true. When the digital era in distribution and exhibition started the era of celluloid and prints vanished. 

It was not till 2014 that there was a challenge to the record of Mungaru Male. When Yash wave was rising Mr & Mrs Ramachari was released which was produced by Jayanna. This movie broke the record of Mungaru Male and created all time box office record with the collection more than 50 crores. Jayanna was both the producer and distributor of the film. 

After this hundreds of Kannada films have released and become successful. But none of them have broken the record set by Ramachari.Kirik Party which was released during the last week of last year end is doing very well and many are speaking about the film breaking the record of Ramachari. Jayanna is again the distributor of this movie

There is a news circulating in the film industry saying Kirik Party has beaten the record of Ramachari.


Chitraloka contacted Mr Jayanna regarding this. He said that Ramachari's collections was miles ahead of Mungaru Male collections a decade ago. "No doubt Kirik Party is doing very well but it is doubtful that it can touch the collections of Mungaru Male let alone Mr & Mrs Ramachari. I am the distributor for the these three successful movies. But Ramachari's collection record is still a record. I do not know even if I myself being a producer can make another movie that can match the collections of Ramachari."