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Karnataka government gives subsidy to 100 Kannada film with a minimum of Rs 10 Lakh each year. But it can reduce to Rs 5 Lakh per year from next year. The new Kannada film policy which is being prepared has made drastic changes which will affect the film industry in many ways, sources said. According to reliable sources the 2012 Kannada Film Policy will be replaced by the new 2016 film policy. The new policy will give subsidy to100 films like the existing one, but it will be in four categories.


In the last category 60 films will get only Rs 5 Lakh each instead of Rs 10 Lakh each. In the third category 20 films based on novels writings etc and with a good intention as found by the jury will get Rs 20 Lakh each. In the second category all films that have won the top awards in national, state and international awards will get between Rs 15 to Rs 25 Lakhs automatically without the jury deciding it. In the top category 4 best children's films will get Rs 25 Lakh each and 10 films which showcase cultural, historical and tourist attractions of Karnataka will get Rs 30 Lakhs each.

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