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3 Bittawaru Oorige Doddawaru image
3 Bittawaru Oorige Doddawaru

Kannada film 3 Bittawaru Oorige Doddawaru has been denied a certificate by the Censor Board. In a letter to the film makers the Regional Officer has said "says, "The theme of the film is very sensitive towards religion and communities. The indirect message given by it may be misunderstood and can cause social discord. Hence refused the certificate."

However the film's director Basavaraj Koppal said that his film is about anti superstition and entirely based on the Vachanas of Basavanna and other Vachanakaras. He said the film is about a swamiji who tries to build scientific temper among the people using the sayings of Vachanas. He tries to eradicate blind faith and superstition but some 'dongi' swamijis oppose him.


The Censor Board watched the film last month and denied the certificate on December 30. Basavaraj says many swamijis and writers who know about the subject of the film have appreciated his efforts at making such a film. He is now in the process of applying to the Revising Committee of the Censor Board. "What is really happening in the society has been shown in the film. I am surprised that the members found these things objectionable. Many films have talked against superstition before and our film is not the first of its kind" he told Chitraloka.

Many Vachanas of Basaveahwara, Sarvajna and others are used in the film to illustrate that there is no point in believing in superstition, he said.