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Actor Aditya has preferred to back out of the new film starring Yash and produced by K Manju. The development has happened in the last 24 hours and K Manju has decided to replace Aditya with another Kannada actor. "It is a role only a real actor can play and I do not know yet who that lucky actor will be" K Manju said.

The shooting for the film in February and March required  Aditya's participation. But he had two more earlier film commitments at the same time. Moreover there was a very big difference in the get up for the K Manju-Yash film which Aditya could not maintain without affecting the other two films. That is at least the official version from the producer and director Mahesh on why Aditya left the project. This is the second replacement in the film in the last one week. Last week the cinematographer was replaced with Andrew Babu who had done Darling, Ulasa Uthasa and other Telugu movies.