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In a significant development, backed by good show at the box office, Kannada films are running in maximum number of screens in Karnataka. Out of the around 650 screens in the state, Kannada films are now running in around 500 screens.

These are figures for single screens. In multiplexes non Kannada films combined have more presence than Kannada films. Two star films released on the same day last Friday leading to large number of single screens showing Kannada films. The continued success of earlier releases has also helped. 

As on Sunday

Uppi2 is in 170 single screens

Buguri in 144, 

Maley (2nd week) in 122, 

RangiTaranga (7th week) 24 and 

Bullet Basya (4th week) in 20 screens.

So these 5 films occupy a total of 480 theatres out of around 650 theatres in Karnataka.


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