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vishnuvardhan samadhi

Producers K Manju, B Vijay Kumar and Vishnuvardhan fans association president Prasanna have decided to fund the late actor's memorial that will be built at Abhiman Studio. Five years after the actor's death his memorial is still pending due to problem with the land marked for it. Vishnuvardhan was cremated at Abhiman Studio but due to legal problem with the land there the government allotted two acres nearby. But even this land faced legal problem due to it being forest land. Last week it was decided to shift the memorial to Mysuru. But all the fans opposed it.

Now producers and fans of Vishnuvardhan have decided to build the memorial at Abhiman Studio itself.

Vishnuvardhan Dhyana Mandira will come up soon. After the decision of Dr Vishnuvardhan samadhi shifting to Mysore  was opposed by fans Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhan has decided to have the samadhi at Abhiman studio itself.

Speaking to Chitraloka producer K Manju said on Tuesday that, "Bhabi (Bharathi Vishnuvardhan) had called me and VSS president Prasanna and told let's have the samadhi and Dhyana Mandhira at Abhiman studio itself. We don't know how much time it will take to clear legal proceedings in the issue. It has been discussed to have to FTI (film training institute) at Mysore. Myself, Prasanna and KFCC ex-president B Vijayakumar will bear the cost for the construction of samadhi and Dhyanna Mandira at Abhiman Studio. We are calling the pressmeet at Abhiman Studio very soon to announce told K Manju"