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When Mungaru Male released in December 2006, it was in a modest number of theatres. Back then, it would be considered a big release if a Kannada film released in more than 30 theatres across Karnataka. After a tepid opening, MM was in more than 150 theatres within the next 4-5 weeks.

Krishna-Leela seems to be on the path of Mungaru Male. It was released in 135 theatres on March 20. In its second week it has increased its number of theatres  to 160  screens across Karnataka. It has also gained more momentum than the first week at the box office. Just like Mungaru Male what has worked wonders for Krishna-Leela is the word of mouth publicity. The end of cricket fever due to the world cuo and the exam season are also a big contribution.  The day-wise collection of the first 10 days of the film makes this clear.

On March 20th when Krishnaleela released, (pre festival day) it collected Rs 30 lakh. On 21st which was Ugadi holiday, it collected Rs 45 lakh. 22nd Sunday ₹ 75L, 23rd-₹50L, 24th-₹40L, 25th-₹35L, 26th(India semifinal)-₹20L, 27th-₹35L, 28th-₹60L, and finally on 29th (Sunday)- ₹ 1cr. The total for 10days is ₹ 4.9 crore.

According to trade Pandits Krishna-Leela is likely to reach  business of ₹25cr finally. That would be a real Mungaru Male moment.