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dr rajkumar (pic - km veeresh)

Finally Tamil Nationalist Movement leader Nadumaran, Sukumaran, Prof. Kalyani Succeeded in freeing Dr. Rajkumar and Nagesh from the clutches of brigand Veerappan. Dr. Rajkumar and others are now taking rest in an estate in the Satyamangala forest. When Nadumaran and his company convinced Veerappan to release, Veerappan himself came till the forest end and released Dr. Rajkumar. Shivarajkumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar, Govindraj and producer Rockline Venkatesh received him.

As soon as Dr. Rajkumar came out of the forest Shivarajkumar rushed and hugged his father crying in joy. Everyone was in tears.

Dr. Raj is healthy and there is no beard in his face. Due to heavy walking in the forest he looks very tired.

Earlier Shivarajkumar, Raghavendra, Govindraj and Rockline Venkatesh and gone to a place near satyamangala forest. Some persons came there and took them to an unknown place and asked them to wait. Then the release incident took place.

Confirmed news to Chitraloka.com told that Gopal was not there with Nadumaran and his team, who was supposed to be the official emissary to release Dr. Raj. Dr. Raj and others will reach Bangalore tomorrow morning. As on now it is not decided whether to come in helicopter or in car.


Meanwhile in Bangalore city Raj fans are celebrating the release. They are distributing Sweets and burning the crackers. Thousands of fans are rushing to Raj house in sadashivanagar.