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censor officer nagendra swamy

The Regional Censor Board is suffering from an overdose of films. It is common that every December a large number of film makers submit films to get a Censor certificate before December 31. This is because the National and State film awards are selected from films certified before this deadline. Also the state film subsidy is also selected from before this deadline. So the rush is obvious. But the censor board was not ready for what happened this  year. Expecting a rush censor officer Nagendra Swamy had set a deadline of December 19 to submit films if they wanted certification before December 31. A record 80 films have been submitted. Last year it was only 28 says Nagendra Swamy. He had expected a similar number. Now with

the board not functioning with the full strength the remaining members are working overtime. Swamy says that they are watching four films per day to beat the deadline. The team has completed watching 40 films but there are 40 more to go. With just over a week remaining the censor board will be able to watch about 30 more films and some films will have to wait for the new year says Swamy.

The censor board is also planning to write a letter to the government to change the criteria for subsidy. "We have to ensure the quality of Kannada movies. Some of the movies are not worth a censor certificate. They are made in a cheap way just to apply for subsidy. Already we have rejected two movies. I am thinking of  writing a letter to Government to make some changes to grant Subsidy. The movie which is applied for subsidy should be released in at least 5-10 theaters," he says.

The censor board has rejected two films; ‪Naanu Avvalu Mattu Kannadi and Keerthigobba. The first of these films is made by Omprakash the son of former minister BT Lalitha Naik.