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Senior actor Jaggesh's comments on twitter about Neerdose film and vague reference to actors turned politicians has started a twitter war of words among fans. It started on Friday afternoon after most of the election results were known. Jaggesh commented, "Snehitare nenapideya about my worde told 8months bk. (yoga ondu Bari baruthade yogyate kadeyavarege eruthade) it hpend:)" (Friends do you remember my words eight months ago? Luck comes once, but ability stays forever. It has come true).

Jaggesh did not stop at that. After a while he made one more comment, "Chunavaneli geddaga cinemana degrade madi sotaga matte cinemadalli avakasha sikkidare natisuve yennuva samayasadakaranna yenedu kareyabeku:)." His comments did not name anyone particularly, but this comment that people who degrade cinema after winning election but saying they will act after losing it are 'opportunistic,' sets tongues wagging.

Jaggesh then made an indirect reference and spoke about Neerdose film, saying, "Ega nanna saradi (swabhimaniyagi) Neerdose shooting shuru without attitude people an it wil be hit by grace of rayaru an my lovely fans:)" With this he all but shut the door on Ramya returning to act in Neerdose. After this a few fans of the actress turned politician started commenting agianst him. Jaggesh took it in his stride and commented, "I started my carrier from poverty I hav learnt life frm tears, I never hurt anyone as a senior I try 2 point out good bad ugly:) be good.."

When it got personal, Jaggesh blocked some and made a mention of that. "Satyahelidakke kelavaru himbalakaru twit ge entry kottu bisanige hakudru hogbanni anta block madide:) correct a frnds:) mostly avara nentaru." (Because I spoke the truth, some followers started inflaming. I blocked them. Is it not correct friends? Must be relatives of that person."

Jaggesh did not end there. He took another dig by commenting, "Nanu ragimudde bussar tindonu pizza burgurgala bagge tale keduskolla:) adu nanna 32 varshadinda preti mado neviddira (abhimanigalu) no wory:"

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