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Actor-director Omprakash Naik, son of former Minister B T Lalitha Naik has accused P Sheshadri of stealing his short story 'Chief Minister and Somla' and making it into a film called 'December 1st'.

P Sheshadri's latest film 'December 1st' had won two awards including best regional film and for best screenplay at the recently announced National awards. Recently, Sheshadri had organised a show for the media and his friends. P Sheshadri for the very first time talked about his film. Sheshadri had said that he was inspired from a news which was published in a news paper a few years back and based on that piece of news he has written the story and screenplay for 'December 1st'.

As Sheshadri's reactions were published on Friday's news papers, Omprakash Naik called for a press meet and accused P Sheshadri of plagiarism. According to Omprakash Naik, the film has been inspired from his short story 'Chief Minister and Somla' which was not only published in a news paper, but also got a special mention from the jury. In spite of that, P Sheshadri has neither acquired permission from me, nor given credit' accused Omprakash Naik.