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Actress Sanjjanaa is still not done with the Agraja controversy. After promises by the film makers and even Jaggesh, she is still contemplating going to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce with a complaint.

Sanjjanaa is waiting for the changes to be made to the film Agraja as demanded by her and promised by the director and producer. Else, she has said "or I have decided to head to the film chamber." She wants the reference to her name and as an actress in the movie and remove the shot done by a body double.

The actress is unhappy that audience would think her personal life is shown in the film. "As much as I'm happy about the success of the film, I am very clear tat I don't want my fans to confuse my life with that of the role in Agraja," she says.

She watched the film with her family members in Kapali theatre Friday morning. "In Kapali theatre the movie is running houseful and I, mom, dad din't find a seating to sit. Literally that full. But she may not wish to watch any of her movies again. She says he does not watch any of her films before release and that could be a mistake. "I never watch any of my films prior. Maybe  that's a mistake I make. I love the 1st day 1st showm. I love audience whistling in the morning show," she says.

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