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From the last two days there were rumours in Kannada film industry, that RJ Pradeepa, the director of last week's release 'Huchchudugaru' has criticised the reviewers as well as the Kannada film industry for talking negative about his film. RJ Pradeepa is said to have requested the callers not to see the reviews before watching the film and it is the reviewers who have gone mad by saying the film was not good.

Chitraloka has obtained the Audio bit of the show what R J Pradeepa as spoken in his Channel.

Speaking to Chitraloka.com exclusively RJ Pradeep rubbishes the rumours saying that he has not talked like that and has great respect for the media and the Kannada film industry. Being a part of media, how can I talk like that? Usually I promote many Kannada films in my show and like that I have promoted my film also. I also review others films, but I suggest the listeners to watch the film to come to a conclusion. Like that, I also I told the listeners that even though a reviewer has not written very well about the film, it is better to watch the film before coming to a judgement. I have shot a climax which has not come in any other film in Indian screen. I am proud of that' says RJ Pradeepa.