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How did Arun Sagar manage to become the first contestant of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1, to reach the finals? Was it pre-determined? Did Arun play a neat game? Was it his friendship with Sudeep that helped? These are the questions that are playing on the minds of the common audience. The truth, in Kannada television history's biggest reality show, is far from general perceptions. Here is a breakdown.
1. Was it pre-determined?
Bigg Boss, based on the original Norwegian reality show Big Brother has a unique format. Though some 'tasks' assigned to contestants seem to favour some, it does not determine their ouster from the house. For example Narendra Babu Sharma failed to or sometimes flatly refused to participate in some of the tasks. The other contestants regularly nominated him. But audience support kept him afloat all along. It is obvious that though the participants were pre-determined, neither the finalists or winners are.
2. Did Arun play a neat game?
Arun Sagar has become the first entrant to the finals. Chandrika, who was ousted from the house this week, has nominated him to become safe the following week. This means, with just two weeks left, Arun Sagar is in the finals. Now, why Chandrika nominated Arun Sagar is her personal choice. But what made her choose him is interesting.
Last week Narendra Babu Sharma saved Chandrika. If not, she would have been eliminated last week itself. The writing was on the wall and she was imminent to leave the house the following week. All other participants anticipated this, but it seems only Arun Sagar managed to take advantage of it. For the last one week, he made the extra effort to keep Chandrika in good humour and placate her. He became her friend in need. When time came on Friday, she repaid him. It was a plain gamesmanship by Arun Sagar. Fans of Sharma are however upset that she did not repay Swamiji's debt!

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