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history book journalist banned

The issue of ban on Journalists who have been part of the Editorial board of the Chalanachitra Ithihasa in cold storage has finally come out from it. 6 journalists have been banned from participating in any kind of film activities.

This ban is perhaps for the first time and no doubt this also reaches the pages of history.

The names of journalists who figure in the letter that contains the ban on 6 prominent journalists (some of them are not writing news) list is as follows:

MV.Ramakrishnaiah (Freelance Journalist), C.Seetharam (Samyuktha Karnataka), B.N.Subramaniah (Janavahini) P.G.Srinivasamurthy (Freelance Journalist), Srikripa and Doddahullur Rukkoji.

The clear instructions have been issued to Film Publicity officers on Thursday in a signed letter written by the ad-hoc President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Mr.K.V.Chandrasekhar.

The contents of the letter read like this: In a meeting on 28th June 2002 the Film Chamber of Commerce has taken the decision on ban. For the editorial contents of Chalanachitra Ithihasa inputs a few persons have been deputed to contribute. But they have done ‘Dhakke’ – damage. So the Film chamber has decided to abstain all the members from participating in any of the film related functions.

However this is an unfortunate development. Monetary and moral wastage has taken place. Agreed. Is this not happening anywhere in this democratic society? There have been many loopholes in the functioning of Film Chamber itself. When an ombudsman is appointed to look in to many seniors illogical style of functioning and misappropriation in Film Chamber shocking information comes to light says one of the banned journalists.

Punishment is necessary for all errors committed. In this case the Apex Body could have fixed a time limit for such ban imposed.