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An attempt to protect the Editorial committee of Kannada Chalachitra Ithihasa even after scores of mistakes has now reached a tight spot for Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

The Member of Parliament, a rebel star and President of Kannada Film Artists Association Ambarish has shot back a letter to appropriately correct the Kannada Chalanachitra Ithihasa book consisting of 1800 pages in two volumes.

In a letter addressed dated 14th May 2002 Ambarish recalled the position attained by Kannada films in the national and international scene. Many artists, technicians, producers have worked in keeping the Kannada film flag at high levels. Keeping in view the 65 years growth of Kannada cinema coming out with Chalanachitra Ithihasa is a wonderful task indeed. But of late I have observed some controversies and personally went through the books of ‘Chalanachitra Ithihasa’. The observations made on Dr.Rajkumar the pillar of Kannada cinema is not called for. The pages of the history book hurt many persons also. Therefore I request the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President Mr Tallam Nanjunda Shetty to call the editorial board members and adequately give correction to already printed ‘Chalanachitra Ithihasa’ book.

This letter by the highly respected Ambarish has almost cleared all the confusions. There is no way out to protect the Editorial Board.

Come Wednesday evening there is a crucial meeting at Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce at its tentative office in Gandhinagar. Smt.Parvathamma Rajkumar, Directors Association President S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu and different association leaders are expected to attend this meeting.