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When the 67 years of history of Kannada cinema has to be assembled it is not an easy task. When such a daunting task is readied the mistakes are bound to be there. After all perfection is impossible to achieve. We at Chitraloka are trying to focus on what could be done for the omissions and mistakes. The clear intention is that we are not pointing the error and attacking the roots – that is our elders. The first round of talk gave a positive response and some perturbed minds made frank expressions. The Chitraloka in the coming days is taking a look at the contents of Chalanachitra Ithihasa. The unbiased write up on any content would be published. This would be a guiding force for correcting the mistakes for the editorial board of Chalanachitra Ithihasa for their revised editions.

One of the three members committee of the Editorial pertaining to Chalanachitra Ithihasa Dr.Vijaya in a chat with Chitraloka is of the opinion that a small book that gives information about the omissions and corrections would be appropriate. For this a month long time also should be fixed feels Dr.Vijaya.

However, when Chitraloka inquired with some of the film industry personalities the omissions are many in Chalanachitra Ithihasa it is learnt. Added to this omissions and lapses the Editorial board has not taken ample care in recording the several issues. For example in page 614 there is a mention about an artist and journalists issue. In this page the write up points how the journalists acted aganist a particular artist but does not show the guts of informing the name of the artist. That artist is understood to be B.Saroja Devi.

K.N.Nagesh Kumar a senior Photo Journalist feels perturbed for referring his name in the ‘galata’ at the 1991 International Film Festival. He was beaten by an artist when he is on duty that later became a big issue. A dharna was staged in front of Santosh theatre and the person who had hit his name is missing in the Chalanachitra Ithihasa. Why include the name of the journalist and hurt him? Jai Jagdeesh is the actor who roughed up K.N.Nagesh Kumar and what prompted the editorial committee to omit his name speaks of the biased style of functioning. The reason why many of the film based tabloids closed down is yet another serious issue that is an eye opener. This deserved a proper analysis and show cased the reasons for failure.