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The trailer of 'Nagarahavu' was released recently and the film is all set to release in the month of October. Meanwhile, there is a question about why Diganth is being sidelined in the promotional activities of the film.

Diganth says he has not received full remuneration for being a part of the film and moreover, he says he is afraid whether he has anything to do in the film as there has been a lot of changes being made in the recent times.

'When we started the film, there was no mention of Saikumar and Dr Vishnuvardhan. Later many things were added to the film. The role of Dr Vishnuvardhan is very short and comes only in the climax of the film' says Diganth

Diganth tells that he has also not paid fully and yet to receive the remuneration of Rs 5 lakhs from the producer. 'The producer said he is in urgent need of money. So, I finished dubbing for the film also. Now I am yet to receive remuneration' says Diganth.

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