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Actor Venkat has decided to walk out of 'Dictator' being directed by S Narayan and produced by KFCC former president B Vijaykumar. Recently, Venkat was speaking in a press meet organised by him. 'I have signed few films in the recent times and now director S Narayan is saying that I must not act in any other film, unless the 'Dictator' is finished. I have taken advances from the producers. How can I restrain from acting in this film, because of 'Dicator'' asks Venkat.

S Narayan to Direct Huchcha Venkat's Dictator


Venkat also accused S Narayan of delaying the film. 'The muhurath of the film was launched few months back. However, the film didn't start due to various reasons. As I had signed this film, I couldn't accommodate dates to other films also. The film is not only delayed, but they have wasted my dates also' says Venkat.

With Venkat walking out of the film, it has to be seen who will be replacing him.

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