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K Manju, Imran sardaria

After Malashree in a press meet on Thursday pointed fingers at Imran Sardhariya and K Manju for treating her badly in relation to the film Uppu Huli Khara, the director and producer have hit back at her on Friday. At a press conference called on Friday Imran and Manju not only denied the allegations made against them but also put all the blame on Malashree.

Imran Sardariya said that the SMS he sent to Malashree was nothing wrong. Malashree had come to the shooting late on both the days he said. Not only that, he had given her the dialogues and script of the film two weeks before the shooting but Malashree had not even prepared even on the day of shooting. The character had a Hubli accent and a teacher was appointed for this purpose but the actress did not even bother to take part in rehearsals even one day.

"Even big actors like Shivanna rehearse before shooting a song. It was only my request. I was not ordering anybody. Even on the question of time, I had asked her what time is comfortable for her to come. She said she would come at 10.30 AM. But first day she came at 12.30. The second day she came at lunch time and after lunch shooting started at 3.30 pm. The loss from two days was Rs 4.5 lakh. We plan to shoot the film in 45 days. I am a great fan of Malashree and she is a great actor. That is why I wanted her to act in the film even four years after I first planned the film. But she was not prepared for giving performance."

K Manju also made allegations against Malashree. He said that he had paid her Rs 25 lakh as advance first and then another Rs 20 lakh. But Malashree insisted four years later that he had paid her only Rs 30 lakh.


"Money is not important. I can earn it. I started selling dry coconuts and driving auto rickshaw. All the money I have earned is through hard work and spilling my sweat and blood. I did not steal money from anyone. This is the money I gave to her. I respect her because she is Ramu's wife who is also a big producer. She is related to me through him. I did not even tell Ramu about this problem because I thought both of them would understand the problem of a producer. If I had kept that money in a bank deposit I would have at least earned interest. Now nothing. I had told her two months ago itself that I am not the producer. Since I had paid money to her and three other actors, I decided to help Imran re-start Uppu Huli Khara which he wanted to make four years ago itself. Ramesh Reddy is the producer. Malashree knew this. But one day before the shooting she demanded money for this film again. I have messages from her pleading for money. She wanted to register new house and wanted Rs 5 lakh. Till then she called me Manju ji. But after that she is now calling me stupid and nonsense. For paying my money I am being called stupid. Am I stupid, nonsense? I have produced 42 films. All of them with my hard earned money. I will approach the KFCC to get my money back. She may be crying in the press meet. Even I can cry. It is me who has to cry for losing not only my money but also my reputation. Who will give me back my reputation after she called me stupid? I demand that she take back her words. I have not intention of calling her back to act in the film. I know how to get back my money."