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The old Kannada proverb "Kottonu kodangi eeskondonu eerabhadra" is always remembered in a controversy regarding debt. In the ongoing controversy involving Pooja Gandhi and Suresh Sharma, the creditor has not only become the victim but also being character assassinated. The debtor has gone on the offensive and claiming moral high ground. Their allegations is not substantiated but it gives them a chance not to pay back the debt, at least for the time being.


The current controversy is only the latest in a long list. Even if the earlier controversies involving Dr Kiran and her brief engagement to Anand Gowda is discounted, there were numerous controversies regarding the film Abhinetri itself. Pooja Gandhi is the producer of the film and most controversies about the film involved money. After a novelist alleged that the film was copied legal case followed. In the end Pooja Gandhi claimed she had won the case. But it turned out that she had paid monetary compensation to the author for copying the novel. 

Insiders say how difficult it was for Pooja Gandhi to complete the film and how she sought financial help from others. Suresh Sharma was one of those who helped. Now when he is asking for the return of money Pooja suddenly begins questioning his character!


When the question is about payment of money comes up the easiest way to divert the attention is to change the topic. That is what Pooja has done. But this may not be the end of the story. More skeletons are likely to tumble out in the coming days. But it is to be seen of they tumbler of Sharma's cupboard or Pooja Gandhi's.

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