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  • Gokul Films Back To Kannada

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    Those familiar with Kannada films of the 1980s and 1990s will be familiar with the name Gokul Films. This firm was one of the biggest film distributors in Kannada and ventured into film production also. They distributed some 80 films and produced five of them including Khiladi Gandu, Kodagina Cauvery and Love Triangle. The company started film distribution with Haalunda Tavaru and went on to distribute films like Yama Kinkara, Gadibidi Ganda and dozens of others. The firm is run by Gokul Raj and his brothers Suresh and Balaram. They however ceased their business in 1999-2000.

    Last year, Gokul Films surprised everyone by making a return to film distribution. In a high profile return they released Rajinikanth starrer Lingaa and Vikram starrer I, both Tamil films in Karnataka. Now they have made their reentry into Kannada films after a gap of 16 years. They are distributing Sudeep's Ranna, one of the most expected films of the year. Gokul Films in their new innings are planning to release only big films or very good films which they feel would be big at the box office. In the days to come Gokul Films are readying to release many big Kannada films.  

  • Ranna Release Date on Monday - Sudeep

    One film which is creating a lot of hype among the movie goers is none other than Sudeep starrer 'Ranna'. If everything had gone right, the film was supposed to get released by now. But due to various reasons the film's release and censor has been delayed. Now Sudeep says, the release date of 'Ranna' will be announced by Monday.

    Sudeep has tweeted that there too many complications surrounded the film and now everything seems be all right and the censor board is likely to watch the film on Monday and after that the official release date of the film would be announced.

    'Too many complications surrounded Ranna n I can finally feel sm fresh air..Release date wil b announced on monday as soon th censor is done' tweeted Sudeep.

  • What We Take Home is Important - Sudeep

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    Actor-producer-director Sudeep has said that it is not important whether a film is big or small. What what we take home from that film is very important. Sudeep was talking during the first press meet of his latest film 'Ranna' which is all set to be released on the 04th of June.

    'This is the best team I have worked with in the recent times. It took a little time to complete the film because there were reasons for the delay. The delay is not due to any deliberate reasons, instead it is because of technical reasons' said Sudeep.


    Talking about the film, 'It is not important whether it is small or big. What is important is what we take home from the film. I have some wonderful memories regarding this film and I am very much happy about the way the film has shaped up' said Sudeep.