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director jayateertha

  • Bullet Basya Complete

    bullet basya image

    Sharan's latest film Bullet Basya is complete. The dubbing for the film was completed last weekend. A week earlier the film team had completed the song shooting in a south-east Asian country. The film is directed by Jayateertha and produced by Jayanna-Bhogendra.

    This is one of the most expected films of the year coming on the heels of successful films by Sharan. The post production work is expected to take several weeks and the film ready by June-July, sources said.

  • Jayathirtha's New Film Is Bell Bottom

    jayatheertha's bell bottom

    Director Jayatheertha who is looking forward for the release of his latest film 'Venilla' is all set to start a new film. This time Jayatheertha will be directing a film for Rishab Shetty in lead role.

    Recently, the team had released the first poster of the film and had asked the people to guess the movie title. However, it was not difficult to find out the title of the film and many had answered that the title was 'Bell Bottom'. Yes, 'Bell Bottom' is the correct title of the film and the title will be announced officially soon.

    'Bell Bottom' is written and directed by Jayatheertha. T K Dayanand has helped him in the screenplay an dialogues of the film. Ajaneesh Lokanath is the music director, while Santhosh Kumar K C is the producer.

  • Sharan Turns Story Writer with Bullet Basya

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    Actor-producer Sharan has turned story writer with his new film 'Bullet Basya' which is all set to release on the 24th of this month. 'I got this idea during the making of 'Victory' and I was apprehensive whether it could be made a film or not. I told the story to producer Jayannq and he not only encouraged me, but also produced the film' says Sharan.

    Sharan thanks director Jayatheertha for writing the screenplay. 'Without Jayatheertha I could not ave made this film. He helped me a lot and he improved the storyline beyond my expectation' said Sharan.