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bullet basya

  • Bullet Basya Complete

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    Sharan's latest film Bullet Basya is complete. The dubbing for the film was completed last weekend. A week earlier the film team had completed the song shooting in a south-east Asian country. The film is directed by Jayateertha and produced by Jayanna-Bhogendra.

    This is one of the most expected films of the year coming on the heels of successful films by Sharan. The post production work is expected to take several weeks and the film ready by June-July, sources said.

  • Bullet Basya Not Releasing This Month

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    The much anticipated comedy film Bullet Basya that was earlier scheduled to release on June 26 has been postponed. The reason is not yet clear but as of now the release date is being rescheduled. One reason is the non availability of screens. Ranna and Vajrakaya are still doing well in over 300 screens. They have occupied all the premier theatres.

    The scene is not going to change in just one week. Another reason is Telugu film Baahubali. The film will release in Tamil and Telugu in Karnataka and is likely to occupy 200 screens from July 10. Bullet Basya will therefore have suffered pressure just in its second week.

    The film team is maintaining that the film will release one or two weeks after June 26. But no decision has been taken so far. 


  • Jayatheertha's Next Beautiful Manasugalu

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    The failure of his latest release 'Bullet Basya' has not deterred writer-director Jayatheertha. The director after the failure of the film has silently prepared a script and will be directing it soon.

    The film is called 'Beautiful Manasagalu' and Prasanna of Skanda Audio is producing the film. Jayatheertha himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film. The film will have a new star cast and Jayatheertha is planning to launch an audition to select the artistes for the film.

  • Sharan Turns Story Writer with Bullet Basya

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    Actor-producer Sharan has turned story writer with his new film 'Bullet Basya' which is all set to release on the 24th of this month. 'I got this idea during the making of 'Victory' and I was apprehensive whether it could be made a film or not. I told the story to producer Jayannq and he not only encouraged me, but also produced the film' says Sharan.

    Sharan thanks director Jayatheertha for writing the screenplay. 'Without Jayatheertha I could not ave made this film. He helped me a lot and he improved the storyline beyond my expectation' said Sharan.