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  • Chikkanna Is 'Upadhyaksha' Now

    Chikkanna Is 'Upadhyaksha' Now

    News of comedy actor Chikkanna playing the hero in a film is doing the rounds for a long time. Though the actor got a lot of offers to become a hero, Chikkanna did not show much interest.

    Now Chikkanna has finally turned hero with a new film called 'Upadhyaksha' (Vice-president). Earlier, Chikkanna had played the role of Upadhyaksha in Sharan's 'Adhyaksha'. The role became very popular and now Chikkanna has been titled as 'Upadhyaksha'.

    'Upadhyaksha' is being written and directed by Chandramohan who had earlier directed 'Bramhachari', 'Bombay Mitai' and others. The film is being produced by Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda under Umapathy Films. Though the film hhas been announced the shooting will start in November.

    Arjun Janya is the music composer and the song recording for the film has been started Monday in Arjun Janya Studios, where A P Arjun, Tarun Sudhir and others were present at the occasion and wished the team a huge luck.

  • Umesh Banakar to Produce and Direct Upadhyaksha - Exclusive

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    Umesh Banakar turning director is not a new news. The actor-producer has been talking of venturing into direction for the past few months. Now Umesh Banakar has silently started working on his directorial venture and is planning to launch the film soon.

    Umesh Banakar himself has scripted the film and has titled it as 'Upadhyaksha' which means Vice-president. Earlier, Sharan had acted in a film called 'Adhyaksha' (President) and the film was a huge success at the box-office.


    One of the highlights of the film is 'Kaddipudi' Chandru will be playing the lead role in the film. Umesh and Chandru acted together in 'Swachha Bharatha' recently and now Umesh is directing Chandru in his debut film as a director. Banakar has already paid the advance to Chandru.

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