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navashakthi nagaraj

  • Case Against Ranna Producer

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    A case has been filed against Nimishambha Chandrashekar the producer of Sudeep's new film Ranna. The case by C Nagaraj (Navashakthi) says that Ranna producer Chandrashekar owes him money and the film should not be released before that (case no. 3675/15). Nagaraj says he has paid advance money for Shimoga-Chikmagaluru area but their name in not there in the publicity. Since Gokul films did not receive the court notice they have pasted the notice to their office building.

    The X Addl. City Civil and Sessions Court will hear the case again on Monday 27/04/2015. The film is directed by Nanda Kishora.


  • Rajendra Singh Babu Property Attached by Court

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    Noted Producer and Director Rajendra Singh Babu who is also Kannada Film Academy Chairman is in trouble. This time it is from the court order. Chandrashekar was supposed to pay Rs 7.5 lacs to Navashakthi Nagaraj which he failed to repay.

    Nagaraj had moved to court and has got the order  (Case no. 2426/2012) for the attachment of his property. Execution petition (EP) was filed by advocate K Raghunath.