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  • I Doesn't Know Anything About the Incident - Ragini

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    'Natikoli' actress Ragini has said that she doesn't have anything to do with 'Huli' producer Shivaprakash interrupting the photo shoot of the film and manhandling producer Venkat and director Sriinivasaraju and I am not responsible for the incident.

    Speaking to Chitraloka.com, 'when the incident happened I was in the dressing room and when I came out the incident had already occurred. I have met shivaprakash only once. I don't know why so many people had come there for the photo shoot. I don't have any boy friend or I'm in relationship with anyone. At present my work is only with the films and nothing else' says Ragini.

    The actress says she advised producer Venkat to file a complaint against Shivaprakash in the KFCC and KFPA. 'I have told producer Venkat to file a complaint to KFCC. I go alone to shoots and not even my parents accompany me for shooting. Sometimes it turns out to be dangerous like this. I have nothing to do with this nor am I responsible for such an incident' says Ragini.

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  • Ragini and Sanjana In Natikoli

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    Remember reading the news that director Srinivasaraju will be directing Ragini in a new film called 'Natikoli'? Now actress Sanjana of 'Ganda-Hendathi' fame has also joined the star cast and will be playing a prominent role in the film.


    Though there are two heroines in the film, sources say both have equal importance in the film. Srinivasaraju himself has written the story and screenplay, while Gururaj Desai has written the dialogues. Apart from Ragini and Sanjana, Arun Gowda, Makrand Deshapande, Ravishankar and others are also part of the star cast.

    Ragini has been working very hard and is reducing weight.

    The shooting for the film is scheduled to start from the 20th of April in Belgaum. Srinivasaraju intends to shoot the film in a 40 day schedule in North Karnataka.

  • Ragini Blasts Srinivasaraju

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    Actress Ragini has blasted director Srinivasaraju and has called him a cheap film maker. Srinivasaraju and Ragini worked together in 'Shivam' and during the photo shoot of their next film 'Natikoli' the duo fought bitterly due to various reasons. The issue even went to the Karnataka film chamber of commerce. Though the issue became big, Ragini had not reacted anything about it. Ragini during the press meet of 'Hulidevara Kaadu' not only talked about the  issue, but also blasted director Srinivasaraju.


    'They tried to sabotage my career. What was the need to reveal unedited photos. He could have done sex film instead of doing such cheap gimmick. He should have some dignity. I don't want to work with him again. If the producer changes the director, then I may act in the film' said Ragini.

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  • Will Ragini Opt Out of Natikoli?

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    After the recent Natikoli controversy over the incident during the photo shoot of the film, sources say lead actress Ragini will drop out of the project. Sources in the film team say that the current controversy has been blown out so much that it is difficult for the actress to continue with the others.

    When Chitraloka contacted Ragini she said she is shocked about the developments. "I always stand up to my movie team. But in this case I'm surprised to see my film team itself are talking against me without any fault of mine. If somebody fights with somebody why is my name getting involved. Still I've not taken any decision whether to continue or not. Let's see how things take shape in days to come. Till now neither the producer or director of Natikoli has contacted me."

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