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  • Five Music Directors for Diganth's Hit Wicket

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    Recently there was a news that three music directors will be composing music for Vinod Prabhakar starrer 'Tyson'. Now in a new film titled 'Hit Wicket', five music directors are composing the music and the film is none other than Diganth starrer 'Hit Wicket'.

    After 'Sharp Shooter' and 'Parpancha', Diganth has given a nod to act in 'Hit Wicket' and the film is being scripted and directed by Sandeep Gowda who had directed a film called 'Bisile'. Apoorva Rai who was last seen in 'Raincoat' is the heroine of the film, while Ananthnag plays a prominent role in the film.

    The music for the film is being composed by Mithun, Gagan, Vivek, Abhiman and Juda. Each music director is in charge of one song. The film is going to floors shortly.

  • Half Mentlu Censored U/A

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    Sandeep starrer 'Half Mentlu' has been censored on Wednesday morning and the film is all set to be released this week itself in Anupama and other theaters across Karnataka. Earlier, 'Kollegala' and 'Sri Chakram' were said to be released on the 01st of April. Though 'Half Mentlu' was also scheduled for release, the film was not censored. Now the film has been censored and ready for release.

    With 'Half Mentlu' getting ready for release in the last minute, the number of releases this week has increased to two from three.