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  • Dhruva Sarja Celebrates His Birthday With His Fans

    dhruva sarja

    Actor Dhruva Sarja who is riding high with the success of his latest film 'Bharjari' celebrated his birthday on Friday night with his fans and family at his residence in K R Road in Bangalore.

    This is the first time, that Dhruva is celebrating his birthday in a grand scale and many of his fans in spite of heavy rains visited his residence to wish the star.

    The fans of Dhruva gathered around residence his birthday and wished the star a happy birthday. Dhruva's brother Chiranjeevi Sarja and other family members were present at the occasion.

  • Dhruva Sarja Releases The Songs Of Samhaara

    dhruva sarja releases samhara songs

    The songs of Chiranjeevi Sarja's new film 'Samhaara' which is being directed by Guru Deshpande was released on Friday night by Chiru's brother Dhruva Sarja. Chiranjjeevi Sarja, Kavya Shetty, Chikkanna and others were present at the occasion.

    Chiru plays a role of a blind in the film. This is the first time that Chiranjeevi is playing such a role in his career. The film stars Chiranjeevi Sarja and Chikkanna in prominent roles. Haripriya and Kavya Shetty are the heroines. 

    'Samhaara' is being produced by A Venkatesh and Sundar Kamaraj under the Manu Enterprises banner. Guru along with his team has scripted the film Jagadish Wali is the cameraman. Ravi Basrur is the music director.

  • Dhruva Sarja Sounds Clap For 'Bramhachari'

    dhruva sarja sounda clap fpr bramhachari

    Satish Neenasam's new film 'Bramhachari' was supposed to be launched on the festival of Ugadi. Due to various reasons, the launch was postponed and finally the film was launched today morning at a temple in Bangalore.

    Actors Satish Neenasam, Aditi Prabhudeva, Shivaraj K R Pet and others were present during the launch. Dhruva Sarja came over as the chief guest and sounded the clap for the first shot of the film.

    'Bramhachari' is being scripted and directed by Chandra Mohan who had earlier directed 'Bombay Mitai' and 'Double Engine'. The film is being produced by Uday Mehta. 


  • Dhruva Sarja To Release Songs Of 'Ayogya'

    dhruva sarja to release ayogya songs

    The post-production for Satish Neenasam's new film 'Ayogya' is almost complete and the film is all set to release in the month of August. Meanwhile, the songs of the film will be released by Dhruva Sarja today.

    The audio release function of the film has been organised at Sri Anjaneya Temple near Nagasandra Circle in Basavanagudi and Dhruva will be releasing the songs of the film.

    Ayogya' and is being written and directed by Yogaraj Bhatt's protege S Mahesh Kumar. V Harikrishna is the music director. The film stars Satish along with Chikkanna, Saritha, Rangayana Raghu, Ravishankar and others in prominent roles. 

    Chandrashekhar of Crystal Park Films is the producer of this film.

  • Dhruva Sarja To Release The Video Song Of MLA

    dhruva sarja to release the video song on mla movie

    Actor Darshan had recently released the songs of Pratham starrer 'MLA'. Now the video song of the film is all set to be released and actor Dhruva Sarja will be releasing the video song tomorrow in Bangalore.

    'MLA' is being written and directed by Maurya, while Venkatesh Redy is the music director. Krishna Sarathy is the cinematographer.  The shooting for Pratham starrer 'MLA' is complete and is all set to be released in July.

  • Dhruva Sarja Wishes The Team Of 'Kiss'

    dhruva sarja wishes the team of kiss

    Actor Dhruva Sarja has wished the team of 'Kiss' a huge success and has requested cine goers to support director A P Arjun and his team.

    Dhruva Sarja made his acting debut with Arjun's 'Addhuri' and became a huge star in the Kannada film industry. now Dhruva has come forward and has given a commentary for the film. Dhruva has not only wished the team a big success, but also has requested the audience to support director A P Arjun and the team of 'Kiss'.

    'Kiss' stars newcomers Virat and Srileela in prominent roles. A P Arjun has scripted the film apart from directing and producing it. Newcomer Arjun Shetty is the cinematographer. V Harikrishna has composed the music for this film.

  • Dhruva Sarja's Hayagreeva Launched

    dhruva sarja's hayagreeva

    Dhruva Sarja's new film 'Hayagreeva' was launched in Ganapathi temple in West of Chord road on Friday morning. Dhruva's brother and actor Chiranjeevi Sarja sounded the clap for the first shot of the film.

    'Hayagreeva' is being directed by well known commercial film director Nandakishore and produced by Gangadhar who had earlier produced 'Adhyaksha', 'Jarasandha' and other films.

    As of now the heroine for the film has not been selected. Apart from that Ravichandran, Ramya Krishna, Sonu Sood and others are likely to act in the film in prominent roles. Arjun Janya is the music director.

  • Dhruva Sarja's Loss Is Newcomer's Gain 

    dhruva sarja's loss in newcomers gain

    A couple of years ago Simple Suni was supposed to direct a film for Dhruva Sarja titled Banta. The film was about a youngster who is into competitive pigeon flying. The story for this film was by ML Prasanna. However the film did not take off but the story remains with Suni.

    Now Suni is directing a new film called Bazaar with newcomer Dhanveer. Bazaar has the same story that Suni was to make with Dhruva in Banta. Another coincidence is that a film named Bazaar with Loose Mada Yogish was started a few years ago. Even that film was stalled. But there is no connection between the two films with the same name.


  • Dhruva Sarja, The Sandalwood's ‘Transformer’

    dhruva sarja's pogaru

    It is our own Action Prince Dhruva Sarja’s birthday today, and his fans are elated while eagerly waiting to witness his new avatar in Nandakishore directorial 'Pogaru’. The film team is releasing the first look teaser of the film featuring the start on the special occasion.

    While the actor, who has tasted huge success with three back to back blockbusters, returns as 'Pogaru’ after a pretty long time. He has worked hard to transform his body for the film from being an young boy to a hugely built macho man.

    “His dedication as an actor is simply great. We all have seen great actors like Aamir Khan and so many from the Hollywood ones who would go to any extent to transform their bodies to suit the characters. Dhruva Sarja first lost his weight to look like a perfect boy, and then transformed his body to being a perfectly build macho man. Moreover, he even started growing beard and hair for a different look,” says the Pogaru team.

    So far, the film has concluded one third of its shooting and the rest is being planned to wrap it up soon. The team is also in search of an actress to play the female lead for Pogaru, which is a blend of family drama and action venture. Chitraloka wishes the action prince an action packed and an entertaining year ahead with his upcoming ones. Happy birthday Dhruva Sarja.

  • Dhruva's New Film is Barjari

    dhruva sarja image

    Dhruva Sarja has finally given to his nod to acting in a new film. The film is being scripted and directed by Chethan Kumar of 'Bahaddur' fame and the film has been titled as 'Barjari'.

    Earlier, there was a news that Dhruva might act in the remake of Telugu hit 'Kandareega'. However, Dhruva has postponed the film as he wanted his third film to be a straight subject and not a remake. After listening to a number of stories, Dhruva has finalised a story written by Chethan Kumar. Even his uncle Arjun Sarja has given his nod about the film.

    With clearance from both Dhruva and Arjun Sarja, the film is likely to take off from May and the film is being produced by Kanakapura Srinivas and Srikanth.

  • Dhruva's New Film Titled 'Madagaja'

    dhruva's next is madagaja

    Uday K Mehta producing a new film for Dhruva Sarja is not a new news. The latest news is that the film has been titled as 'Madagaja' and Mahesh who is currently directing Satish Neenasam's 'Ayogya' will be directing the film.

    Mahesh himself has confirmed that he will be directing Dhruva's fifth film and the film has been titled as 'Madagaja'. The film will be launched once Dhruva completes 'Pogaru' and Mahesh completes 'Ayogya'.

    'Madagaja' is a mass entertainer and the artistes and technicians are yet to be finalized.


  • Don't Call Me Hatrick Hero Says Dhruva Sarja

    dont call me hatrick hero

    Actor Dhruva Sarja who is riding high on the huge opening and success of his new film 'Bharjari' has requested his fans not to call him 'Hatrick Hero', instead may call call as 'Hatrick Action Prince'.

    Dhruva's first three films including 'Addhuri', 'Bahaddur' and 'Bharjari' have become huge hits and the fans have started calling him 'Hatrick Hero'. However, Dhruva who is a big fan of 'Hatrick Hero' Shivarajakumar refuses to accept the title. Dhruva is happy about being called as 'Action Prince'  and requests his fans to call him 'Hatrick Action Prince' instead of 'Hatrick Hero'.

    The team says 'Bharjari' has collected more than 15 crores in the first three days of its release and is running successfully across Karnataka.

  • Four Stars In One Frame

    four stars in one frame

    Prema Baraha, the film directed by Arjun Sarja that is releasing this week is set to create a unique record of sorts. Four top stars will be seen in a single frame in a song in the film. There have been several songs where other stars have made a special guest appearance.

    There have also been songs in which several stars make a special appearance but in different parts of the song. In the song for Prema Baraha apart from Arjun Sarja, his two nephews Chiranjeevi Sarja and Dhruva Sarja will be seen. But the biggest scoop is the appearance of Darshan in the same frame. This will be one of the most eagerly awaited shots in Kannada films so far.

    The reaction of the fans witnessing four stars in the same frame can only be imagined. It is just a wait of two more days.


  • Kichchu Trailer On Dec 22nd

    kichchu trailer on dec 22nd

    The first trailer of Ragini-Dhruva starrer 'Kichchu' is all set to be launched on the 22nd of December. The film is expected to hit the screens in the month of January.

    'Kichchu' is a film with ensemble star cast including Ragini, Dhruva Sharma, Abhinaya,  Saikumar, Suchendra Prasad and others. Sudeep is seen in a guest appearance in the film and Sudeep plays the role of a doctor who does social service.

    'Kichchu' is written and directed by Pradeep Raj who had earlier directed 'Kirataka', 'Rajanikantha' and others. The film is produced by Indrajal Entertainments.

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  • Pogaru Is A Straight Film Says Dhruva Sarja

    dhruva's pogaru

    Actor Dhruva Sarja has confirmed that his new film 'Pogaru' will be a straight one and is not a remake of any other film.

    Earlier, there was news that 'Pogaru' is based on a story written by director Nandakishore. Later, it was said that the film is not a straight one, but a remake of Telugu hit 'Khandareega'. Now Dhruva himself has come on record and has said that his fourth film will be a straight one and not a remake.

    Dhruva was speaking during the success meet of his latest film 'Bharjari'. 'Like my previous three films, this one is also a straight film. We were supposed to go on floors by now. But due to some improvisations, the film got delayed. Now everything is finalized and the shooting for the film will start soon' says Dhruva Sarja.

  • Pogaru Launched

    Pogaru Launched

    Dhruva Sarja starrer 'Pogaru' being directed by Nandakishore and produced by Gangadhar was launched at the West of Chord Ganapathi Temple in Bangalore on Thursday morning.

    'Pogaru' was in the news for quite sometime. However, the film got delayed because of various reasons and now the film has been finally launched. Dhruva Sarja, Gangadhar, Nandakishore and others were present at the occasion. 

    Like Dhruva's previous films, this one is also a straight film. Rashmika Mandanna has been selected as one of the heroine of the film. The other one is yet to be finalised. The shooting for the film will start soon.

  • Pogaru Teaser Review 

    pogaru teaser review

    Any news about Dhruva Sarja's films are eagerly awaited. With just three films spaced wide apart it is natural that this Sandalwood's latest big sensation becomes news for any small news. His new film Pogaru is in shooting and the star celebrated his birthday today. Nanda Kishora who is directing this film worked 24/7 to prepare the teaser for his birthday. 

    Here are the statistics first. The teaser was released at 8 pm today. In two hours about 1.5 lakh views have been recorded on YouTube. Fifteen thousand people have given their likes for the teaser. These numbers are humongous. It is something the top four stars of Sandalwood get. 

    Now coming to the teaser itself. It is one and a half minutes long. Exactly 91 seconds long. What is special about the teaser is that it uses a promotional song specially made for the film by rapper Chandan Shetty. Shetty has written the song composed the music and sung it too. It is not his typical rap song. This is a real mass musical that is composed for a big star. It has the same effect.

    The teaser shows Dhruva in a Holi festival setup.  But what you don't miss is the red color that predominates. There is actually no other colour in the scene. Therefore it must be a fight scene. You will not be disappointed as the macho image of Dhruva is on display as he smashes up a few people. Music and action is therefore covered. Two things that has defined Dhruva in his first three films. 

    The third thing that has defined this star is his dialogues. Nanda Kishora does not forget this. He provides Dhruva with a powerful line. What is significant is that the actor delivers it completely differently from his previous films. There is no hurried and fast and furious dialogue telling on display. It is delivered in a smooth but powerful way. There is also a hint of North Karnataka accent in the Kannada. So is the film set in North Karnataka where one of Dhruva's previous films was also set? Further teasers and trailers may tell more. Fans have to wait till then. 

    This trailer is above average and more than good from the viewpoint of fans. From a fandom point of view it scores 4/5.

  • Shivarajakumar Attends Bharjari 75 Days Celebrations

    shivanna ar bharajari 75 days function

    Dhruva Sarja starrer 'Bharjari' has completed 75 days and is running successfully. To mark the occasion, Shivarajakumar visited the Nartaki theater where the film is being screened and participated in the 75 days celebrations of the film.

    On Sunday afternoon, Shivarajakumar and Dhruva visited Santhosh Complex in KG Road and watched 'Mufti' film together. After that, Shivarajakumar went to Nartaki theater in the same complex and attended the 75 days celebrations of the film.

    Bharjari' is produced by Kanakapura Srinivas and is being directed by Chethan Kumar. Dhruva, Haripriya, Rachita Ram, Sadhu Kokila, Tara, Avinash, Uday and others play prominent roles in the film. Chethan himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film apart from directing it. Srisha Kudavalli is the cinematographer, while V Harikrishna is the music director.

  • Shraddha Srinath For Hayagreeva

    shraddha srinath

    Dhruva Sarja's new film 'Hayagreeva' was launched recently. During the time of the launch, the heroine for the film was not selected. Now actress Shraddha Srinath has been roped into play the role of heroine in this film.

    'Hayagreeva' is being directed by well known commercial film director Nandakishore and produced by Gangadhar who had earlier produced 'Adhyaksha', 'Jarasandha' and other films.

    As of now the heroine for the film has not been selected. Apart from that Ravichandran, Ramya Krishna, Sonu Sood and others are likely to act in the film in prominent roles. Arjun Janya is the music director.

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  • Sree Leela in Pogaru?

    sree leela in pogaru

    Actress Sree Leela, whose first film is yet to release is likely to star opposite Dhruva Sarja in Nanda Kishore directed Pogaru. She is making her debut in AP Arjun's KISS. Last week it was announced that she has been selected as the heroine for Srimurali's next film directed by Chetan.

    Chetan is directing Srimurali after making Bahaddur and Bharjari. The teenager now has three big films with three popular directors even before any one of them has released. Sources said that the selection of Sree Leela is almost finalised and she will join shooting within the next few days after which an official announcement will be made. 

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