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  • Ranna Cancels Hong Kong, Going to Italy - Exclusive

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    The team of Sudeep starrer Ranna has cancelled plans to shoot a song for the film in Hong Kong. Instead the song will be shot in Italy this month. The shooting for the film is complete except for two songs, one of which will be shot in Bangalore.

    The shift from Hong Kong to Italy was necessitated by the onset of the Chinese lunar new year celebrations in Hong Kong. Being a peak travel season among the Chinese, the Ranna team realised their shooting would be affected in Hong Kong. That is when Italy came to the rescue. Director Nanda Kishore said that instead of noodles, the crew will have to eat pasta for some days!

  • Ranna Releasing February

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    Sudeep's latest Kannada film Ranna is all set for a late February release. The team is back from shooting in Thailand and Malaysia recently. While Sudeep returned early after the shoot, a few members of the film team stayed back for completing the remaining portions.

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    peter hein, director nandakishore

    In Thailand, famous stunt master Peter Hein was part of the shooting and he choreographed a fight scene involving Sudeep and eight stuntmen. Director Nanda Kishore is estatic about the outcome and says Sudeep did the stunts on his own and the outcome will be the best fight sequence ever in Kannada. He is currently giving final touches to the editing of the film.

  • Ranna To Hong Kong - Exclusive

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    Sudeep's new film Ranna for which only two songs are pending to be shot is going to Hong Kong. One of the songs will be shot there and the team will be visiting Hong Kong on February 20.

    While the post production of the film is in full swing, sources say that the team led by director Nanda Kishora is gearing up to release the film by Ugadi festival in March. Ugadi is on March 21 this year which is a Saturday. So in all probability the film will release either on the second or third Friday of March. But since the work is not yet complete and the date cannot be announced before the film gets a Censor certificate, the film team is tight-lipped about the actual date.

    With the Celebrity Cricket League season five over, Sudeep is also free from the tensions of playing cricket and has jumped back full time on the work of Ranna. The film has a huge star cast, many of them who are working for the first time with Sudeep. This includes Prakash Rai, Devraj, Madhoo, Rachita Ram, Haripriya and Chikkanna.

  • Sudeep Back to Twitter

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    Actor-director Sudeep who was away from the micro blogging site like Twitter for the past one month is finally back and has tweeted for the first time in the last month.

    Sudeep recently tweeted wishing his fans and followers. 'Got on to wrk n tweeter after a long gap..havent gone thru any tweets fr long..A big hiii to all,,.hope all u frnzz doin gud..' tweeted Sudeep.

    Sudeep was busy in the last one month shooting for films 'Ranna' and Tamil film 'Puli'. Now Sudeep has gone to Switzerland for the song shooting of 'Ranna' and is likely to be back by 14th of March. After that he is expected to move to Hyderabad for the shooting of last song of the film. The film is expected to release in the first week of April.

  • What We Take Home is Important - Sudeep

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    Actor-producer-director Sudeep has said that it is not important whether a film is big or small. What what we take home from that film is very important. Sudeep was talking during the first press meet of his latest film 'Ranna' which is all set to be released on the 04th of June.

    'This is the best team I have worked with in the recent times. It took a little time to complete the film because there were reasons for the delay. The delay is not due to any deliberate reasons, instead it is because of technical reasons' said Sudeep.


    Talking about the film, 'It is not important whether it is small or big. What is important is what we take home from the film. I have some wonderful memories regarding this film and I am very much happy about the way the film has shaped up' said Sudeep.