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  • Police Prakash Rai Vs Cop Prakash Rai

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    As of now, the first week of February will see two films with Prakash Rai in major roles hit the screen on the same day. Both Priyanka, directed by Dinesh Baboo and Devara Naadalli directed by B Suresha are set to release on February 5.

    Prakash Rai plays prominent roles in both the films. A point of interest is that in both the films, Rai plays a police investigator. In Priyanka he is an police investigator trying to crack a murder case.

    In Devara Naadalli he is a police officer investigating into a bomb blast case. It would be a bonanza for his fans but now the two film makers are worried that the roles he is playing in the two films would confuse audience. If it is taken seriously, release of one of the films could be delayed. 

  • Prakash Rai’s Dream Fulfilled

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    Prakash Rai says his dream of acting in Dinesh Baboo film has come true. Prakash Rai has acted in Dinesh Baboo’s forthcoming film ‘Priyanka’ which stars Priyanka Upendra in the lead role.

    Prakash Rai was talking during the press meet of the film. ‘Till now I have acted in the direction of 300 plus directors. But till now I couldn’t act in a Dinesh Baboo film due to various reasons. I like his films very much and I always wanted to act in his direction. Last year Baboo had called me to collect the number of Abhilash who had acted in my ‘Oggarane’. During that time Baboo asked me whether I could act in the film for which I gladly obliged to’ said Prakash Rai.

    Prakash Rai plays the role of an investigative officer in this film.

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    Priyanka Is My Costly Film - Baboo

  • Priyanka Is My Costly Film - Baboo

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    Well known director cum cinematographer who was away from directing Kannada films due to various reasons is back with a new film called ‘Priyanka’. The film stars Priyanka Upendra, Prakash Rai, Abhilash, Shivadhwaj and others in prominent roles.

    Dinesh Baboo has silently wrapped up the film and on Thursday evening the teaser and the songs of the film were released.

    Dinesh Baboo says the film is based on a real incident which occurred in Bangalore last year. Though the case regarding the real incident is not yet solved, Baboo has based the story on the incident and has given a conclusion to the film. The film was shot in November last year and is ready for release.

    When asked whether the film is a typical Dinesh Baboo low budget film, Baboo says the film is a big budget film compared to his standards. ‘Normally I wrap up the shooting of my films in a very limited time. I have completed a film in just 10 days also. But I took 32 days to complete the film, which is costly compared to my standards’ laughs Dinesh Baboo.

    The film will be released sometime in May.

  • Priyanka to Release on January 15th

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    Priyanka starrer 'Priyanka' being directed by senior director Dinesh Babu and produced by Mohan is all set to release on the 15th of January across Karnataka. The film is based on a true incident which had occurred in Bangalore a couple of years back. Though the matter is still in court and is yet to be decided, Dinesh Babu has written the story based on the true incident and has concluded the film.

    The film stars Priyanka Upendra, Prakash Raj, Shivadhwaj and others. Prakash Rai plays an investigative officer in the film. Krupakar is the music director.