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  • Ganesh To Be Declared As The Ambassador Of Muay Thai

    ganesh as brand ambadassor for muay thai

    Actor Ganesh is all set to be declared as the brand ambassador for the art in India. The actor will be named the brand ambassador in a press conference today afternoon.

    Extreme Muay Thai Academy is all set to promote the martial art in India and has selected Ganesh as the brand ambassador of the martial art in India, The academy is also planning to hold a tournament in this regard earlier next year.

    So, to promote the game, Ganesh has been selected as the ambassador and will be officially announced today.

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  • Ganesh To Start Shooting Gor 'Triple Riding' From October

    Ganesh To Start Shooting Gor 'Triple Riding' From October

    Actor Ganesh has been in house arrest for the last six months because of the lockdown. Before that the actor was busy shooting for 'Gaalipata 2' and 'Sakkath'. Now the actor has decided to resume shooting and will be shooting for Mahesh Gowda's 'Triple Riding'.

    'Triple Riding' was announced earlier this year, with Ganesh playing a lead role in the film. The shooting was supposed to start from June. However, the plans got hampered because of lockdown and now finally the team is ready to take off.

    The pre-production work of the film is in full progress and currently the song recording of the film is being completed by music composer Saikarthik. By October first week, the music work of the film will be completed and the team intends to start shooting.

    'Triple Riding' is being written and directed by Mahesh Gowda who had earlier directed Vinod Prabhakar's 'Rugged'. Apart from Ganesh, Ravishankar Gowda, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Prathap and others play prominent roles in the film. The search for heroine is on and the team is likely to finalise the heroine soon. 

  • Ganesh's New Film Is 'Where Is My Kannadaka'

    ganesh's new film is where is my kannadaka

    Actor Ganesh is busy juggling dates for 'Geetha', 'Gimmick' and '99'. Meanwhile, the actor has silently signed yet another film called 'Where Is My Kannadaka'. The film is all set to be launched on the 07th of February.

    'Where Is My Kannadaka' is being written and directed by Raj and Damini. The film is being produced by a production house from Mumbai and many artistes and technicians from Bollywood has been roped in for the film. Salman Khan's brother Arbaaz Khan, actress Patralekha and others will be playing prominent roles in the film.

    Though 'Where Is My Kannadaka' will be launched on the 07th, the actual shooting for the film will be held in the month of April, by which Ganesh will complete his previous assignments. 

  • Ganesh's New Look In Mugulu Nage Revealed

    ganesh image

    The shooting for Yogaraj Bhatt's new film 'Mugulunage' is in full progress and for this schedule, Ganesh has changed his look for the film and his look has been revealed on Friday. Ganesh himself has released his new look through twitter.

    The new film has four heroines and Apoorva, 'Jackie' Bhavana, Nikitha Narayan and Ashitha have been roped into play the female leads of the film. Earlier, Amulya was selected as the heroine for Ganesh. However, Amulya has opted out of the film as she is getting married. However, the actress will be seen in a small role. Apoorva will be replacing Amulya as the heroine of the film.

    Yogaraj Bhatt himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of 'Mugulunage'. Sugnan is the cameraman, while V Harikrishna is the music director. The film is being produced by Syed Salam, who earlier produced 'Lifeu Ishtene'.

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  • Ganesh's son makes debut with 'Geetha'

    ganesh;s son makes debut thorug geetha

    Ganesh's son Vihaan has turned actor like his father. Vihaan has made his acting debut with his father's film 'Geetha' and has recently participated in the shooting of the film.

    Earlier, Ganesh's daughter Charitrya had acted in Ganesh's 'Chamak'. Charitrya had played Ganesh's daughter in the film. However, Vihaan's role in the film is yet to be divulged.

    The shooting for 'Geetha' is in progress and the film is being written and directed by debutante Vijay Nagendra. Syed Salam is the producer. This is his second film with Ganesh after 'Mugulu Nage'.

  • Ganesh's Voice Over For Lord Ganesha In 'Rambo 2'

    ganesh's voice over for rambo 2

    Sharan's new film 'Rambo 2' which is being directed by Anil is all set to release on the 18th of May in Nartaki and other theaters across Karnataka. Meanwhile, there is a special animated sequence which features Lord Ganesha along with a mouse. Actor Ganesh who has given voice over for many films has given voice over for the first time to animated Ganesha. Actor K R Pete Shivaraj has given voice over to the mouse for this special sequence.

    'Rambo 2' is being produced by Sharan and Atlanta Nagendra under the Laddoo Films banner. The film is being co-produced by technicians and music composer Arjun Janya, cinematographer Sudhakar Raj, editor K M Prakash will be working partners for the film.

    'Rambo 2' stars Sharan, Ashika, Chikkanna and others in prominent roles. Another highlight is  actresses Shruthi Hariharan, Shubha Poonja, Mayuri, Sanchita Padukone and Bhavana Rao have danced with Sharan for a special song. Aindrita Ray is also seen in a special item song in this film.

  • Geetha Censored With U/A Certificate

    geetha censored with u/a certificate

    Golden star Ganesh's Most anticipated movie 'Geetha' is gearing up for its theatrical trailer release on 11th Sep and the Regional Board of Film Certification has given 'U/A' certificate for the film.

    Recently the lyrical songs of the movie have gained a lot of appreciation from viewers.

    Geetha' stars Ganesh, Sanvi Srivatsav, Pragya Martin, Sudharani, Devaraj, Rangayana Raghu, Achyuth Kumar and others in prominent roles. The film is written and directed by debutante Vijay Nagendra. The film is jointly produced by Shilpa Ganesh and Syed Salam




  • Geetha Review - Gold Shines: Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5*

    geetha movie review

    After the magnificent Kurukshetra and Pailwaan, it's now the turn of golden star to shine with a perfect tribute to an important movement in the history of Karnataka - Gokak Chaluvali, and further added with the trademark emotional tale of a love story twisted between two different generations.

    The debut director, Vijay Nagendra, who has written this beautiful piece, certainly deserves appreciation for presenting Ganesh in two different shades, one which as an angry young man and another in his usual avatar as a lover boy with a golden touch to it.

    With an impressive story backed with equally great screenplay added with talented cast and crew, Geetha turns out to be a well made romantic drama. The infusion of Gokak Chaluvali is an added treat for the audience, which highlights the importance of the agitation, which the majority of the present generation is unaware of.

    Insofar as Geetha's tale is concerned, it is split in two dimensions, told from the point of view of Akash played by Ganesh from the present day and the other which is a flashback into the 1980s, the peak time of Gokak Chaluvali. Shankar who was one of the leading men, fighting for the Kannada language and its existence. The younger Shankar is played by Ganesh and the elderly is played by Dynamic Hero Devaraj. 

    Thereafter, it is twisted with a cute love story and the drama which continues for decades. While golden star shines with an angry avatar and as well as his signature act of a lover boy, it is Shanvi Srivastava who is the pick amongst the three main female protagonist. She tops it up by lending her own voice for one of the two different roles sets in the 80s and as the modern day pretty girl. 

    That apart, Prayaga Martin and Parvathy Arun have a distinctive character which adds value to the drama. Sudharani, Devaraj, Achyuth Kumar and Rangayana Raghu plays a short and sensibile role.

    It's a highly recommended one, as Geetha delivers on most of the account. Go fall in love at a theatre near you.


  • Geetha Teaser Launched

    geetha teaser launched

    The Teaser of Ganesh starrer 'Geetha' was laucnhed today evening. The Movie is in the post-production stage and all set to release in the month of August. Meanwhile, the team is released the teaser of the film on the eve of Ganesh's birthday, in You Tube.

    The film was launched last year and the first look of 'Geetha' was released on Ganesh's birthday last year. However, this year, the team is planning to release on the 01st of July. Ganesh won't be celebrating his birthday due to the demise of his father. Ganesh has already conveyed to his fans not to spend money on cakes or garlands, instead donate the same amount on charity.

    'Geetha' is directed by Santhosh Anandaram's protege Vijay Nagendra. The film is produced by Shilpa Ganesh along with Syed Salam. Film stars Ganesh, Sanvi Srivatsava, Sudharani and others in prominent roles. The music for the film is being composed by Anup Rubesns and Srisha Kudavalli is the cinematographer.


  • Gimmick On August 15th

    gimmick on august 15th

    Golden star Ganesh's first horror comedy 'Gimmick' is is releasing the film on the 15th of August across Karnataka.

    'Gimmick' stars Ganesh, Ronicka Singh, Ravishankar Gowda, Shobharaj, Sangeetha, Sundar Raj and others in prominent roles. 

    'Gimmick' is directed by senior director Naganna, while the film is being produced by Deepak Saami under Saami Pictures banner. Arjun Janya has composed the music for the film, while Vignesh Vasu is the cinematographer.

  • Gimmick' On August 9th

    gimmick to release on august 9th

    Ganesh's first horror comedy 'Gimmick' is complete and the Regional Board of Film Certification has given an U/A certificate for the film. With the censor certificate in hand, the team intends to release the film on the 09th of August across Karnataka.

    'Gimmick' is directed by senior director Naganna, while the film is being produced by Deepak Saami under Saami Pictures banner. Arjun Janya has composed the music for the film, while Vignesh Vasu is the cinematographer.

    'Gimmick' stars Ganesh, Ronicka Singh, Ravishankar Gowda, Shobharaj, Sangeetha, Sundar Raj and others in prominent roles. The trailer of the film was released in the You Tube channel of Anand Audio recently and the trailer has got good response from the audience.

  • Gokul Films To Release Mungaru Male 2

    mungaru male 2 movie image

    Gokul Films has picked up the distribution rights of Mungaru Male 2 for entire Karnataka. Gokul Films returned to film distribution business in 2014 and have since then released films like Ranna, Linga, I and Kabali in Karnataka.

    They have now taken up MM2 and this has been confirmed by director Shashank. The film is a sequel to the all-time hit Mungaru Male directed by Yograj Bhat nearly 10 years ago. The film once again has Ganesh in the lead but also has Ravichandran playing his father.

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  • GSTಗೊಂದು ಹಾಡು ಗೀಚಿದ ಯೋಗರಾಜ್ ಭಟ್

    yograj bhatt and ganesh

    ಊಟಕ್ಕೆ ಟ್ಯಾಕ್ಸು.. ವಾಂತಿಗೂ ಟ್ಯಾಕ್ಸು, ಹುಟ್ಟು ಚಟ್ಟಕೆ ತೆರಿಗೆ ಫಿಕ್ಸು..ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್...

    ಇದು ಯೋಗರಾಜ್ ಭಟ್ಟರ ಗೀತೆ. ಮಗುಳು ನಗೆ ಸಿನಿಮಾದಲ್ಲಿ ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಬತ್ತ್. ಅನ್ನೋ ಹಾಡಿದೆ. ಆ ಹಾಡಿನ ಸ್ಟೈಲಲ್ಲೇ ಜಿಎಸ್​ಟಿ ಹಾಡು ಬರೆದಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಯೋಗರಾಜ್ ಭಟ್.

    ಈ ಮೊದಲೂ ಪಂಚರಂಗಿ, ವಾಸ್ತುಪ್ರಕಾರ, ದನಕಾಯೋನು ಮೊದಲಾದ ಚಿತ್ರಗಳ ಹಾಡುಗಳಿಗೆ ಸಮಕಾಲೀನ ಘಟನೆಗಳನ್ನು ಹೊಂದಿಸಿ ಹಾಡು ಬರೆದಿದ್ದ ಯೋಗರಾಜ್ ಭಟ್, ಈಗ ಜಿಎಸ್​ಟಿಗೆ ಬರೆದಿದ್ದಾರೆ.

    ಹಾಡಿನ ಸಾಲುಗಳು ಹೀಗಿವೆ

    ಊಟಕ್ಕೆ ಟ್ಯಾಕ್ಸು ವಾಂತಿಗೂ ಟ್ಯಾಕ್ಸು ಹುಟ್ಟು ಚಟ್ಟಕೆ ತೆರಿಗೆ ಫಿಕ್ಸು ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್ 

    ಸ್ನಾನಕೆ ನಿಂತ್ರೆ ಚೊಂಬಿಗೆ ಟ್ಯಾಕ್ಸು, ಬ್ಲೇಡಿನ ಟ್ಯಾಕ್ಸು, ಗಡ್ಡಕೆ ಸಿಗ್ಸು ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್

    ಜಿಎಸ್​ಟಿ ಬಂತೋ..

    ಜಿಎಸ್​ಟಿ ಬಂದ್ಬಿಡ್ತೋ..

    ಅದರರ್ಥ ಏನಂತ..

    ಇಲ್ಯಾವನಿಗ್ ಗೊತ್ತೋ..

    ಕಾಸಿದ್ದೋನೇ ಕಾಸ್ ಮಾಡೋದು ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್..

    ಕಾಸೇ ಇಲ್ದಿರವ್ನು ಏನ್ ಮಾಡೋದು.? ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್..

    ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್..

    ಇದ್ದವ್ನೊಬ್ಬ ಬ್ಯಾಂಕು ಬ್ಲಾಗಲ್ಲಿ ಹೇಳ್ಬಿಟ್ಟಾ ಗುಟ್ಟು..

    ಇಲ್ಲಿದ್ದವ್ನು ಏಟಿಎಮ್ಮಿಗೆ ಒಯ್ದ ಬೆಡ್​ಶೀಟು


    ಅಂತ ಅಂದಕೂಡ್ಲೇ..

    ಹೊರಬಂತು ನಗ್ತಾ ನಗ್ತಾ 

    ಜೇಬಲ್ಲಿದ್ದ ಚಿಲ್ರೆ

    ಗಂಟು ಕಟ್ಟಿ ಇಟ್ಕಂಡವ್ರು ನೆಟ್ಗೇ ಇದಾರೆ 

    ಕಳ್ಳ ಕಾಸು

    ಇದ್ದೋನೇ ಬಾಸು

    ರಂಟೆ ಹೊಡೆವ ಬಡವ ಕೂಡಾ ಕಲಿತುಕೊಂಡ 


    ಅವ್ನು ಜಸ್ಟು ಪಾಸು

    ಅವ್ನು ಬಿಕಾಮು ಪಾಸು

    ಫೇಲಾದೋವ್ನೆ ಪಾಸಾಗೋದು ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್..

    ಇದನ್ನ ತಿಳಕಂಡವ್ರೆ ಮೇಷ್ಟ್ರಾಗೋದು ಹೊಡಿ ಒಂಭತ್ತ್..

  • H L N Raj To Produce A Film For Ganesh

    hanesh in hln raj's new movie

    Producer H L N Raj's latest film 'Raja Loves Radhe' was released on Friday. Meanwhile, Raj is all set to produce a new film starring Ganesh.

    Yes, Ganesh has given a green signal to Raj and the film will be launched in the month of August, once 'Orange' is finished. Newcomer Vijay Nagendra who had assisted Santhosh Anandaram in both of his films is directing the film apart from scripting it.

    The film is tentatively titled as 'Production No 3' and the title of the film will be announced on Ganesh's birthday on July 02nd.

  • IT Raids On Kirik Girl Rashmika Mandanna

    rashmika mandanna image

    South Indian sensation Rashmika Mandanna, who shot to fame with Kannada blockbuster 'Kirik Party' and thereafter expanded her stardom in Telugu and Tamil is in the news for a different reason.

    According to sources, the Income Tax officials have conducted raids on her residence in Virajpet on Thursday at around 5.30 am.

    The actress who is basking in the success of her latest Tollywood hit alongside star actor Mahesh Babu in Sarileru Neekkevaru, has reportedly talked about her remunerations recently. After the success of her latest Telugu film, Rashmika had allegedly said that she is not being paid in crores but she is hoping to get paid in the eight figure mark (in crores) someday in the near future.

    After Kirik Party, she has acted alongside the star actors in Kannada including Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar, Golden Star Ganesh, and Dhruva Sarja. In Telugu, she featured alongside Vijay Devarakonda in the blockbuster Geetha Govindam, and then with Nani, Mahesh Babu, Naga Shourya.

  • Jaggesh Dances For Mugulunage

    jaggesh movie image

    The shooting for Yogaraj Bhatt's new film 'Mugulunage' starring Ganesh is almost complete except for some few sequences and songs. Now actor Jaggesh has made a surprise entry to the team. Jaggesh will be seen in a special song and the shooting of the song started on Monday in Bangalore.

    The new film has four heroines and Amulya, 'Jackie' Bhavana, Nikitha Narayan and Ashitha have been roped into play the female leads of the film.The film is being produced by Syed Salam, who earlier produced 'Lifeu Ishtene'.

    Yogaraj Bhatt himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of 'Mugulunage'. Sugnan is the cameraman, while V Harikrishna is the music director. 

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  • Jaggesh To Act With Ganesh In P Vasu's New Film

    jaggesh, ganesh in p vasu's next

    Recently, actor Jaggesh had tweeted that he will be acting with his friend in a new film to be directed by well known director of South India. Jaggesh had not revealed any more details, but had said that the new film will be announced soon.

    Likewise, the details of Jaggesh's new film has finally been revealed and Jaggesh is acting with none other than Ganesh in the film. P Vasu will be directing the film, while K A Suresh is the producer.

    K A Suresh who had worked with P Vasu and Ganesh earlier separately is bringing the two in a new film along with Jaggesh. The new film will be a horror-comedy and is expected to be launched soon.

  • Mugulnage Turns Out To Be A Big Hit

    mugulunage becomes a hit

    This week's Kannada release Mugulu Nage is turning out to be one of the biggest hits in the Kannada film industry. The film directed by Yograj Bhat and Ganesh in the lead role bring them together in the same film after a gap of nearly 10 years.

    The expectation of seeing them together has resulted in Mugulu Nage managing to get one of the biggest openings for a Kannada movie. The film has managed to get the biggest opening in the careers of both Yogaraj Bhat and Ganesh. According to the sources in the industry the opening weekend for the film at the box office has seen a tremendous response.

    The film released in over 250 theaters across Karnataka. It has seen a good response in all center in Bangalore despite the heavy rains in the last 3 days. The response has been very good and the film's box office collection for the opening weekend is expected to break all the previous records of Ganesh and Yograj Bhat movies.

    Industry sources told Chitraloka that the response for the movie on Saturday and Sunday has been better than what was on Friday. The opinion from the opening response among Kannada film industry insiders is that Mugulu Nage will be declared a big hit in the coming days. The actual collection figures are being computed and the numbers will be available in a day or two.

  • Mugulu Nage Audio In July First Week

    mugulu nage audio in july

    The music album of Yograj Bhat and Ganesh combination's Mugulu Nage will be released on Ganesh Birthday in July.

    The final corrections on the songs is underway and director Yograj Bhat and composer V Harikrishna are busy with it. Bhat confirmed that the album will be released in the first week of July. This is one of the most expected films and music albums.

    The combination of Bhat, Ganesh and Harikrishna had last come together in 2008 in the film Gaalipata. After nearly 10 years they are working together and the film has therefore created a very huge expectations among the audience. The musical magic of Gaalipata is expected to be recreated with Mugulu Nage. 

  • Mugulu Nage Booking Starts


    Advance booking for Mugulu Nage, the combination of Yograj Bhat and Golden Star Ganesh has started in Bengaluru. The advance booking in single screen theaters has started today and bookings for shows in multiplexes is likely to start either on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

    Meanwhile the music of the film has become a very big hit. It is the 100th film for which Harikrishna has scored the music for. The music is trending at the top in Youtube. For the first time, all the seven songs of a film have become a hit even before the release of the film. The film is releasing in around 200 single screen theaters across Karnataka and all the multiplexes according to distributor Jack Manju.