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  • Gandandre Gandu Renamed As Sundaranga Jana

    sundaranga jana movie image

    Ganesh's new film which was earlier titled as 'Gandandre Gandu' has been renamed as 'Sundaranga Jana' and the film is likely to be released in the month of November.

    'Sundaranga Jana' is the remake of Telugu hit 'Bhale Bhale Mogadavayi' and the shooting and the post-production of the film is already complete. The film is being produced by Rockline Venkatesh and is being directed by Ramesh Aravind.

    Sanvi Srivatsav has been roped into play the female lead opposite Ganesh and Devaraj plays a prominent role in the film. Manohar Joshi is the cameraman, while Ajaneesh Lokanath has been roped in as the music director.


  • Ganesh -Yograj Bhat Mugulu Nage Starts On Friday 

    ganesh, yograj bhat new movie mugulu nage

    The rerun of the hit combination of actor Ganesh and director Yograj Bhat starts on Friday. Shooting for their new film together Mugulu Nage starts in Bengaluru. The first schedule is near ISRO Layout in Bengaluru.

    Further schedules will be in Mysuru, Pondicherry, Sirsi and Yaana. The tourist location of Yaana became very famous after Sunil Kumar Desai's Nammora Mandara Hoove.

  • Ganesh And Diganth Back With Yogaraj Bhatt

    ganesh and diganh back with yogaraj bhatt

    If everything had gone right, then Yogaraj Bhatt's new directorial 'Galipata' should have been launched by now. But there is a major change in the film and Ganesh and Diganth have replaced actors Sharan and Rishi in this film.

    Director Yogaraj Bhatt himself has confirmed that Ganesh and Diganth have come on board of 'Galipata 2' and have replaced Sharan and Rishi for various reasons. Ganesh and Diganth had played main roles in 'Galipata' along with Rajesh Krishnan and will be continuing in this film also. Though Rajesh Krishnan is acting in this film, he will be seen in a cameo role and 'Lucia' Pavan will be seen in the third lead.

    Apart from them, Ananth Nag and Rangayana Raghu who had acted in 'Galipata' will also continue to act in this film. While, 'Galipata' was produced by Suryaprakash Rao, this film is being produced by Mahesh Danannavar. The shooting for this film will start from August.

  • Ganesh And S Narayan War

    war of notices between ganesh and s narayan

    There is a war of legal notices between Golden Star Ganesh and Kala Samrat S Narayan. It is in connection with a money matter from the film Celuvina Chitratara that the two made together ten years ago.

    According to reports Ganesh first sent a notice demanding Rs 75 Lakh compensation. His photos from the film were used in an advertisement campaign but Ganesha was not paid for it. But Narayan who made the agreement with the advertiser got all the money it is alleged. S Narayan has retorted to this with a notice for defamation. His notice says that a false allegation is being made to defame him and he has demanded Rs 10 crore as compensation.

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  • Ganesh Celebrates His Birthday

    ganesh image

    Actor Ganesh celebrated on Saturday morning celebrated his birthday with his fans and family at his residence in Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bangalore. From morning fans of Ganesh gathered around residence his birthday and wished Ganesh a happy birthday.

    Former Home Minister R Ashok along with his wife visited Ganesh and wished him a happy birthday and a great year ahead.Ganesh's wife Shilpa Ganesh, daughter Charitrya and son Vihaan were present at the occasion.

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  • Ganesh Celebrates His Birthday With His Fans

    ganesh birthday

    Actor Ganesh celebrated on Saturday night celebrated his birthday with his fans and family at his residence in Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bangalore.

    Prashanth Raj who is directing Ganesh in 'Orange', released the first look of the film apart from celebrating the birthday of Ganesh in a grand style. Prashanth had bought a specially made cake and Ganesh celebrated his birthday by cutting the cake.

    Today morning also, fans of Ganesh gathered around residence his birthday and wished Ganesh a happy birthday. Former Home Minister R Ashok along with his wife visited Ganesh and wished him a happy birthday and a great year head.

  • Ganesh Completes 13 Years As A Hero

    ganesh completed 13 years as hero in film indusry

    Actor Ganesh has completed 13 years as a hero in the Kannada film industry. His first film as a hero 'Chellata', was released on 21st April 2006.

    Though Ganesh came to Kannada film industry 16 years back and acted in many films as a supporting actor, his first film as a hero was 'Chellata'. The film was launched in 2005 and released on 21st April 2006. The film was a silent hit and gave the much needed break to Ganesh.

    Ganesh has thanked his fans, supporters and well wishers through his twitter account and has said that it is indeed a proud moment for him to complete 13 years as a hero in the Kannada film industry. 

  • Ganesh In BBC Radio To Talk About Zoom

    ganesh image

    Actor Ganesh who is London with director Prashanth Raj and producer Naveen for the premiere of his latest film 'Zoom' is all set to talk in BBC radio about 'Zoom'.

    Yes, the actor along with Prashanth Raj and Producer Naveen is already in the BBC radio studio about the success of 'Zoom' and his career. Ganesh will be talking with Ashanti Omkar.

  • Ganesh Is Angry For A Cause

    ganesh is angry for a cause

    Golden star Ganesh, who will be seen for the first time in the role of an angry young man in Geetha, is angry for a reason. The star actor has warned that he will take strict action against those if they make any attempt to reduce the number of shows of Geetha, in theatres and multiplexes for the sake of other language movies.

    He further added that the makers have already taken precautionary measures against piracy, but said that they will fight tooth and nail if any others create hurdles against the smooth running of Geetha in theatres and multiplexes.

    In fact, Geetha, directed by Vijay Nagendra is webbed around the backdrop of Gokak Chaluvali. Ganesh says that he has been portraying emotionally softer character in the past but in Geetha he will be seen in a complete angry young man's avatar. The all important Gokak Chaluvali will have a screen space of at least 50 minutes and the rest of it imaginary, he said.

    He recollects his college days from the 90s while he plays the role of Shanakar for Geetha in different shades from different periods ranging between 1980s and 2016. Shanvi Srivastava, Prayaga Martin and Parvathy Arun play the leading ladies in Geetha. 

    Watch the latest Geetha from September 27 at a theatre near you.


  • Ganesh Not To Celebrate His Birthday

    ganesh not to celebrate his birthday

    Actor-director Ganesh has decided not to celebrate his birthday this year and has requested his fans not to waste money on cakes and garlands. Instead, he has requested his fans to donate the money to old age homes and orphanages.

    The reason behind Ganesh's decision not to celebrate his birthday this year, is the sad demise of his father. Ganesh's father expired a few months back due to ill-health and the actor has decided not to celebrate on this sad occasion,

    So, Ganesh has requested his fans via Twitter not to celebrate nor spend money on the celebrations. The actor has requested his fans to donate the money to old age homes and orphanages.

  • Ganesh Plays A Doctor In Chamak

    ganesh image

    Actor Ganesh who is looking forward for the release of his new film 'Sundaranga Jana' this week, will be playing the role of a doctor in a film called 'Chamak'.

    'Chamak' is being written and directed by Suni of 'Simpleaag Ond Love Story' fame. For the first time in his career, Ganesh will be playing the role of a doctor in the film. The film is a romcom and will be launched in February.

    The film is being produced by Chandrashekhar. Arjun Janya will be composing the music for the film. More details are yet awaited.

  • Ganesh Rebounds As Top Star With Mugulu Nage

    mugulunage image

    There are comparisons and then there are comparisons to Mungaru Male. In the last 10 years, dozens and dozens of films have been compared to Mungaru Male. The film that created the biggest trend of newcomers in the Kannada film industry also made Ganesh a superstar and Yograj Bhat was established as a star director. So every new film that showed some promise was compared with Mungaru Male. Even a sequel was made recently with Ganesh in the lead but without Yograj Bhat. Now finally the two are in Mugulu Nage which is again being compared to Mungaru Male. If any film can be compared it is Mugulu Nage. If any film should not be compared it is again Mugulu Nage. This contradictory statements is really true. 

    For Ganesh and Yograj Bhat the success of Mugulu Nage has propelled them once again to the top of the charts as actor and director respectively. So it is like Mungaru Male. But the film itself is different. Though it is a love story there are loads of differences between the two films. Just that audience has liked both the film does not make it similar. The successful combination has continued their hattrick success with Mugulu Nage. There are already proposals from other producers to get Yograj Bhat and Ganesh together in yet another film

  • Ganesh Recovering From Fever

    ganesh image

    Golden Star Ganesh was struck with fever in the last couple of days. On Monday he could not attend the promotional events of his new film Mugulu Nage due to fever but sources say that he is completely recovered now and should be ready for public appearances anytime. 

    Ganesh's new film released last Friday and is running successfully in over 250 theatres across Karnataka. The film has day been declared a big hit.

    Following the film's release the hectic  activities may have contributed to Ganesh falling ill due to very high temperature. On Monday only Yograj Bhat was left to complete the formalities of the film's promotion. But Ganesh is expected to join the promotional events after recovering from fever.

  • Ganesh Reunion With Family

    ganesh reunion with family

    It was a celebration time for Golden Star Ganesh and his family on Sunday evening. The family was getting together after one month. It was a very difficult one month for Ganesh. 

    His children Vihaan Ganesh and Charitriya Ganesh came back home after one month from Dubai along with his wife Shilpa. Though it was a summer holiday trip for his family members, being separated from them was too much to bear for the actor. 

    Speaking to Chitraloka Ganesh said "this is the first time that my wife and kids were away from me for so long. I was missing them. I could not go with them since I had a shooting schedule of Mugulu Nage. When Shilpa and kids were in Dubai I used to call them on Skype every two days. My son used to cry when he saw me on Skype and wanted me to go there. Today I am happy that I am playing with them after so many days."

  • Ganesh Says He Has Not Partied From Last Three Months

    ganesh did not party from three months

    Actor Ganesh has said that he has not partied for the last three months and has not eaten sweets in the last two months. The real reason behind this is the rigorous practice for Muay Thai.

    Ganesh has been learning Muay Thai for the last nine months and has been practicing the martial art for nearly four hours a day. Ganesh will be performing during the championship in Bangalore in January. To stay in proper form, Ganesh has stopped eating sweets as well as partying.

    Meanwhile, Ganesh's latest film 'Chamak' is nearing completion and his next will be 'Orange'. 

  • Ganesh To Be Declared As The Ambassador Of Muay Thai

    ganesh as brand ambadassor for muay thai

    Actor Ganesh is all set to be declared as the brand ambassador for the art in India. The actor will be named the brand ambassador in a press conference today afternoon.

    Extreme Muay Thai Academy is all set to promote the martial art in India and has selected Ganesh as the brand ambassador of the martial art in India, The academy is also planning to hold a tournament in this regard earlier next year.

    So, to promote the game, Ganesh has been selected as the ambassador and will be officially announced today.

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  • Ganesh's New Film Is 'Where Is My Kannadaka'

    ganesh's new film is where is my kannadaka

    Actor Ganesh is busy juggling dates for 'Geetha', 'Gimmick' and '99'. Meanwhile, the actor has silently signed yet another film called 'Where Is My Kannadaka'. The film is all set to be launched on the 07th of February.

    'Where Is My Kannadaka' is being written and directed by Raj and Damini. The film is being produced by a production house from Mumbai and many artistes and technicians from Bollywood has been roped in for the film. Salman Khan's brother Arbaaz Khan, actress Patralekha and others will be playing prominent roles in the film.

    Though 'Where Is My Kannadaka' will be launched on the 07th, the actual shooting for the film will be held in the month of April, by which Ganesh will complete his previous assignments. 

  • Ganesh's New Look In Mugulu Nage Revealed

    ganesh image

    The shooting for Yogaraj Bhatt's new film 'Mugulunage' is in full progress and for this schedule, Ganesh has changed his look for the film and his look has been revealed on Friday. Ganesh himself has released his new look through twitter.

    The new film has four heroines and Apoorva, 'Jackie' Bhavana, Nikitha Narayan and Ashitha have been roped into play the female leads of the film. Earlier, Amulya was selected as the heroine for Ganesh. However, Amulya has opted out of the film as she is getting married. However, the actress will be seen in a small role. Apoorva will be replacing Amulya as the heroine of the film.

    Yogaraj Bhatt himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of 'Mugulunage'. Sugnan is the cameraman, while V Harikrishna is the music director. The film is being produced by Syed Salam, who earlier produced 'Lifeu Ishtene'.

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  • Ganesh's son makes debut with 'Geetha'

    ganesh;s son makes debut thorug geetha

    Ganesh's son Vihaan has turned actor like his father. Vihaan has made his acting debut with his father's film 'Geetha' and has recently participated in the shooting of the film.

    Earlier, Ganesh's daughter Charitrya had acted in Ganesh's 'Chamak'. Charitrya had played Ganesh's daughter in the film. However, Vihaan's role in the film is yet to be divulged.

    The shooting for 'Geetha' is in progress and the film is being written and directed by debutante Vijay Nagendra. Syed Salam is the producer. This is his second film with Ganesh after 'Mugulu Nage'.

  • Ganesh's Voice Over For Lord Ganesha In 'Rambo 2'

    ganesh's voice over for rambo 2

    Sharan's new film 'Rambo 2' which is being directed by Anil is all set to release on the 18th of May in Nartaki and other theaters across Karnataka. Meanwhile, there is a special animated sequence which features Lord Ganesha along with a mouse. Actor Ganesh who has given voice over for many films has given voice over for the first time to animated Ganesha. Actor K R Pete Shivaraj has given voice over to the mouse for this special sequence.

    'Rambo 2' is being produced by Sharan and Atlanta Nagendra under the Laddoo Films banner. The film is being co-produced by technicians and music composer Arjun Janya, cinematographer Sudhakar Raj, editor K M Prakash will be working partners for the film.

    'Rambo 2' stars Sharan, Ashika, Chikkanna and others in prominent roles. Another highlight is  actresses Shruthi Hariharan, Shubha Poonja, Mayuri, Sanchita Padukone and Bhavana Rao have danced with Sharan for a special song. Aindrita Ray is also seen in a special item song in this film.

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