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  • KFCC Requests Tax Dept To Cap Ticket Prices Immediately

    kfcc requests tax department

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has requested the Commercial Tax Department to stop high pricing of tickets immediately. Chief Minister Suddaramaiah has announced on Monday that the government notification on Rs 200 cap on Film tickets will be announced within two days.

    KFCC in a request to the concerned tax officer in Bengaluru has said that since the notification is being issued the authorities should stop exorbitant prices from this week itself. 

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, secretaries MG Ramamurthy, Narasimhalu and treasurer Rajendra met commissioner of commercial tax Rithvik Ranjanam Pandey and gave the request letter to inform all theatres not to increase ticket rates above 200.

  • Kfcc Sa Ra Govindu Takes Tara To Task In Front Of CM

    kfcc president sa ra govindu takes tara to task in front of cm

    KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu took actress Tara to task right in front of the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today. Govindu was angry and scolded the actress. Here is the reason why Sa Ra Govindu scolded Tara. 

    Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah was supposed to inaugurate the 10th Bengaluru International film festival on the evening of 22nd February. Sa Ra Govindu came to know that CM was not coming for the inauguration since the Assembly Session was going on.  Govindu immediately rushed to meet the CM. When he went to the CM's cabin actress and MLC Tara was present in Siddaramaiah's chamber. The CM explained the situation to Sa Ra Govindu and explained his inability to inaugurate the festival even as the meeting was going on.

    After the budget Tara had given a statement saying that the Govt has not given anything to the film industry. Govindu asked Tara why she was giving wrong statements when Siddaramaiah government has given so much to the Kannada film Industry. "What else has he to give? Last year he has had given whatever we have asked and this year he has given whatever we have asked." Tara replied to Govindu saying "Namma Ibbara Naduve Tandu Hakabedi." Immediately Sa Ra Govindu told Tara "I am taking about what statement you have given in the media."

    Surprised by this Chief minister Siddaramaiah asked Tara whether she has given statements like that. Thara was quiet and could not answer.

  • KFCC Support Karnataka Bundh on 18th

    kfcc bulding image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has given the support for Karnataka bundh scheduled on April 18th. Call for the bundh has been given by Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha and Sa Ra Govindu.

    More than 530 Pro Kannada organisations are supporting Karnataka Bundh against the stand of Tamil Nadu oppising the Karnataka states Mekedatu project.

    In the emergency meeting held at KFCC it was decided to support the bundh and the film activities will be stand still on that day.

    Earlier, the Kannada film industry had supported bundh regarding the Cauvery issue also.

  • KFCC Supports Mahadayi; To Hold A Meeting Today

    kfcc to hold mahadayi meeting

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has come in full support of the farmers protest about the implementation of the Kalasa-Banduri canal project in North Karnataka. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has also decided to support the implementation of the canal project and has supported the bundh called in North Karnataka.

    Meanwhile, the KFCC has held a meeting at 3 PM today afternoon to discuss about the industry's stand regarding the issue. Many celebrities including Shivarajakumar, Jaggesh, Dhruva Sarja and others has been invited by the KFCC to attend the meeting and discuss about the issue.

  • KFCC To Take Action On Srinivasa Raju

    kfcc to take action on srinivas raju

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has said that it will take action on director Srinivasa Raju for his objectionable scene in the movie 2. The scene was deleted by the Censor Board but has been leaked in the last few days leading to a major controversy. The scene is about a police officer torturing a woman suspect. Ravishankar and Sanjjanaa are the main actors in the scene.

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu is very upset with the controversy surrounding the scene. The alleged nude vide of Sanjjana that was leaked has been in the centre of controversy. While Sanjjanaa today said that she was wearing a dress that was masked and it was not really a nude video the film industry is upset with the bad potrayal of the police and the disgrace the video is brining. 

    Speaking to Chitraloka Sa Ra Govindu said that KFCC is calling a meeting with the Directors Association and will take action against Srinivasa Raju for making this type of scene and insulting the police department. "We are going to call actor Ravishankar and Sanjjana to hear what exactly happened and how they accepted to do this scene and what happened there," Govindu said. Will Srinivasa Raju be banned in the Kannada film industry is to be seen.

  • KFCC Warns Book My Show On Fake Ratings

    book my show

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has warned movie ticket booking website Book My Show about fake ratings of films. Book My Show representatives attended a meeting at KFCC yesterday and they were shown how ratings are being altered illegally. The ratings shows that it is by audience, but anyone can give a favourable or negative rating without even watching the film. Moreover, there are several people who are demanding money from producers to get favourable ratings for their films. Some producers allege that their films are being given negative ratings because they did not pay up. 

    Speaking to Chitraloka KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu said "we have given some guidelines to Book My Show. Two major points we want addressed is that they have to stop giving ratings and voting option for our movies. BMS are only vendors and they cannot conduct the voting or ratings from the pubic. There is a lot of 'golmaal' going on in the name of BMS."

    Govindu explained that producers are losing money to the fake rating racket. "Some people are taking money from producers and doing fake voting and giving fake ratings which is not good for the movie industry."

    It may be recalled that Chitraloka Movies producer KM Veeresh started the fight against BMS from the movie Actor which enlightened other producers. Later K Manju, Manjunath (Jack Manju), Navarasan started raising their voice against the illegal ratings in BMS. BMS has sought time till November 28th for the final discussion with KFCC on the issue. 

  • MMK Team Meets Information Minister Roshan Baig

    kaviraj, dinakar toogudeepa image

    The 'Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole' team on Saturday met Information Minister Roshan Baig and gave a memorandum about Kannada problems facing problems in multiplexes in Karnataka. Recently the screening of 'Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole' in PVR Multiplex in the Orion Mall was cancelled due to various reasons.

    The team of 'MMK' including Dinakar Thoogudeepa and director Kaviraj had filed a complaint against the multiplex.

    On Saturday KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Kaviraj, Dinakar and others met Information Minister Roshan Baig and gave a memorandum about the plight of Kannada films in multiplexes and the team urged the minister to frame rules like what Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra Governments have done to protect the regional cinema. Baig has said that he will look into the matter and would try to resolve it soon.

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  • Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

    multiplex ticket capped rs 200

    Responding to a major demand by film audience the Karnataka Government has capped the prices of tickets at multiplexes at Rs 200. Ticket prices in Karnataka multiplexes are among the highest in India.

    Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have fixed maximum ticket prices earlier. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced the price cap in his budget speech today in the Assembly. The official request to cap ticket prices was made by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu and Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy chairman Rajendra Singh Babu to the government during the pre budget meeting recently. The request was made earlier also but the government has conceded it now. 

    Multiplexes will now have to compulsorily screen at least two shows of Kannada films during prime time. Kannada film makers have long complained how Kannada films were regulated to odd timings even when they had more audience than non Kannada films. Chitranagari at Mysore has also been announced.

    The State Government has also announced other sops for the film industry. The amount for the film workers welfare fund has been raised to Rs 10 crore from Rs 1 crore. The tax on non Kannada films which was Rs 1 per ticket has been increased to Rs 5 per ticket. This amount will be used for the promotion of Kannada films.

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  • Rs 200 Movie Ticket: credit to Sa Ra Govindu And Rajendra Singh Babu

    jaimala, sa ra govindu

    'Success has many fathers while failure is an orphan' has been proved once again. The recent announcement in the Karnataka Government Budget about ticket prices is one such issue. The ticket prices has been capped at Rs 200 including in multiplexes. While there have been efforts by some people in the industry for the last few years in this regard, suddenly many people who had not even spoken a word about it earlier are claiming credit for the government's move.So who was behind the government's decision. Who pleaded with the government and convinced it?

    Rs 200 Budget Impact - Part 1 - KM Veeresh Writes

    First of all we should give credit to KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu, Chalanachitra Academy Chairman SV Rajendra Singh Babu, MLC Jayamala and the core committee members. They are the ones who put across the matter to the government on several occasion. They relentessly persued the issue and every time there was an opportunity to meet the government, CM or officials the issue was raised. 

    Many persons from the Kannada film industry have given memorandum to the concerned authorities regarding curbing ticket prices in multiplexes for the last few years. For the movie Actor produced by KM Veeresh under the banner Chitraloka.

    Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

    sa_ra_singh_jaimala.jpgMovies there was a huge problem from the multiplexes. Along with Actor, another Kannada movie Bhale Jodi was also being targeted by multiplexes. The booking website showed houseful marks and prevented audience from buying tickets. KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu immediately called all the multiplex persons and asked them to sort out the issue. Earlier Dinakar Toogudeepa's film Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole faced similar problem.

    Keerthi Shankarghatta popularly known as Kirik Keerthi was writing on his Facebook page and campaigning about multiplex ticket rates from last 4-5 years.

    During last year's Budget time Actor director Dayal Padmanabhan started an Online petition to cap the Multiplex ticket price at Rs 120. There was tremendous response from all over India and more than 50,000 people signed the petition including movie stars. Inspite of all the fight nothing much happened in the last year's budget.

    This year there was a different movement. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who is very close to KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu heeded to the demand. Whatever Sa Ra Govindu has asked for the film industry, Chief Minister had responded positively. For example, nobody can forget the tragic incident during the shooting Mastigudi where actors Anil and Uday died. During the last State Award function Sa Ra Govindu and Rajendra Singh Babu gave a complete report to Chief Minister on the stage. In the same function Siddaramaiah announced Five lakh compensation each to the families of Anil and Uday. He also announced State Award function will be held every year on April 24th on Dr Rajkumar's birthday and increased the subsidy from 100 to 125 movies.

    Recently when reputed director A T Raghu was suffering from Kidney failure Sa Ra Govindu approached Chief Minister for help and got Rs 5 lakhs sanctioned.

    Before the budget KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu along with his office bearers, Rajendra Singh Babu and Jayamala had several discussions with Chief Minister and Government officials and explained the problems which Kannada film industry is facing. Finally in the budget whatever KFCC had asked the government has sanctioned. It just because of Sa Ra Govindu that all these things have been brought to fruit. 

  • Sa Ra Govindu Complaint Against FB Video Post

    sa ra govindu complaint aganist fb video post

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu has filed a police complaint against Prashant Sambargi who had posted a video on Facebook alleging that he and Vatal Nagaraj were preventing the release of Baahubali 2 for "roll call and money".

    The complaint is filed in the High Grounds Police Station. Govindu has stated in the complaint that a derogatory remark by Tamil actor Satyaraj against Kannadigas has resulted in a protest against him by various Kannada organisations. Th

    ey have demanded the film starring him Baahubali 2 should not be released till he apologized for his remarks. The KFCC is an organization that facilitates the release of all films. To help in the issue he as KFCC president had spoken to people in Tamil and Telugu industries and sought Sathyaraj's apology so that there is no problem in releasing the Telugu film. While he was making these efforts to dilute the situation Prashant Sambargi has posted on Facebook that he was preventing the film's release to make money. This has caused defamation to him and KFCC the complaint says. 

    Sambargi's video transcript has also been attached to the complaint. According to it Sambargi has said that though Sarathkumar another Tamil actor who made derogatory comments acted in Kannada film Raajakumara it was allowed to be released because it was a Puneeth Rajkumar film. But Baahubali was stopped to make roll call.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Felicitated In KFCC

    sa ra govindu feliciated in kfcc

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce members on Tuesday morning felicitated their president Sa Ra Govindu and celebrated Rajyotsava at the KFCC premises in Bangalore.

    This year five personalities from the Kannada film industry including Sa Ra Govindu were honoured with Rajyotsava awards and to mark the occasion, the members of KFCC held a felicitation programme for their president. Meanwhile, Karntaka flag was hoisted and Rajyotsava was also celebrated.

    M G Ramamurthy, Umesh Banakar, Umesh, Chinnegowda, Thomas D'souza and others were present during the occasion.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Hands Over Cheques To Anil And Uday's Families

    sa ra govindu, anil uday family

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu on Monday evening handed over cheques to the families of Anil and Uday who died during the shooting of Mastigudi in November. Bangalore DC Shankar was also present at the occasion.

    After the sad demise of Anil and Uday, Govindu had met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and had requested for help. The Chief Minister immediately approved to sanction five lakhs each to the families of Anil and Uday. Likewise the cheques were handed over on Monday afternoon. Uday's parents and Anil's brother and mother was present at the occasion.

    KFCC vice-president Umesh Banakar, secretary M G Ramamurthy and others were also present at the occasion.

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  • Sa Ra Govindu Likely To Contest From JDS

    sa ra govindu may contest from jds

    KFCC president and pro-Kannada activist Sa Ra Govindu is likely to contest the forthcoming Assembly elections from JDS party.

    There were news about Govindu contestingg for this year's Assembly elections. Govindu had also given a hint that he is ready to contest the elections from Rajajinagar but had not disclosed from which party he will contest,

    Now, Sa Ra Govindu is likely to contest from Janatha Dal Secular party from Rajajinagar. More details are likely to be divulged today.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Meets Praveen Sood

    kfcc meets police commissioner

    KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu met Bengaluru's new police commissioner Praveen Sood and wished him on the occasion of taking charge of Bengaluru city.  Kfcc secretary MG Ramamurthy, NM Suresh, KM Veeresh, Kannada Krishna accompanied Sa Ra Govindu.

    During this meeting Sa Ra Govindu explained the problems facing in the the film industry like shooting in the city, piracy of the movie and other factors and invited CP to KFCC chamber for the discussion.

    Listening to the problems Commissioner Praveen Sood told that very soon he would chamber and will listen to the problems and will solve it. 

  • Sa Ra Govindu Raps Anirudh For His Careless Remarks Against CM

    sa ra govindu blasts anirudh for hi remarks on HD kumaraswamy

    Noted Kannada film producer and former president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), Sa Ra Govindu has come down heavily upon Anirudh, actor and son-in-law of late Dr. Vishnuvardhan for his careless remarks against Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy with regard to the pending memorial since nine years for Sahasa Simha.

    Following reports over proposal to build a memorial in honouring the legendary actor Vishnuvardhan in Kanteerava Studio alongside two other legends - Dr. Rajkumar and Dr. Ambareesh, the three main pillars of Kannada film industry, Anirudh had expressed anguish and had reportedly asked Chief Minister to stop such careless attitude in the matter.

    While such remarks against a Chief Minister has evoked strong opposition from many, Sa Ra Govindu while strongly objecting to it has taken Anirudh to task for such irresponsible behaviour. “Any such proposal to build the memorial of Dr. Vishnuvardhan in Kanteerava Studio would be in a positive manner, and to honour all the three legends in one common place, and is never an attempt to dishonour any of them. Such remarks against a chief minister is uncalled for,” said Mr. Govindu.

    He further asks Anirudh to apologise forthwith to the Chief Minister, and to the citizens Karnataka whom Mr. Kumaraswamy represents. He adds that such irresponsible remarks demeans the position of a Chief Minister.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Releases Haalu Thuppa Audio

    haalu thuppa audio launch

    'Thithi' fame Century Gowda and Gaddappa starrer 'Haalu Thuppa' is all set to release in the month of July and the songs of the film was released recently by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Sa RA Govindu.

    The audio release of the film was attended by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce secretary N M Suresh, Ganesh, Praveen Kumar and others.

    'Haalu Thuppa' is written and directed by Shashank Raj and produced by Dodmane Venkatesh who had earlier produced 'Payana' and other films. The songs of the film is composed by Indrasena.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Releases The Songs Of Halli Panchayti

    sa ra govindu releases halli panchayathi

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu on Monday evening released the songs of 'Halli Panchayti'. N M Suresh, well known lyricist Doddarangegowd was also present at the occasion.

    'Halli Panchayti' is written and produced by Prema Yuvaraju and directed by G Umesh. Harikavya has composed the songs, while A C Mahendran is the cinematographer.

    The film stars Geetha, 'Thithi' fame Century Gowda, Gaddappa, Abhi, Prema Yuvaraju and others in prominent roles

  • Sa Ra Govindu Releases The Songs Of Preethi Prema

    preethi prema audio launch image

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu on Monday night released the songs of 'Preethi Prema'. The film is a remake of Telugu hit 'Aa Rojulu'.

    'Preethi Prema' which has a sub-title of 'Bari Pustakada Badanekayi' is produced by Krishna Chaitanya and he himself is the hero of the film. Kashi who has worked as an associate to 'Manikya' and other films is the director of this film. Nidhi Kushalappa is the heroine.

    preethi_prema_1audiolaunch.jpgSa Ra Govindu wished the whole team a huge success and congratulated Krishna Chaitanya for coming from Andhra and producing a film in Kannada.

    KFCC treasurer Jairaj and producer Uday Mehta and Chitraloka.Com Editor KM Veeresh was also present during the occasion.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Syndicate Sweep KFCC Election

    sa ra govindu image

    Sa Ra Govindu's syndicate including Umesh Banakar, M N Kumar and others has won the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce election held on Saturday in Bangalore. The post for the post of president this year and senior producer Sa Ra Govindu had contested for the election. Ba Ma Harish had contested opposite Govindu and Govindu defeated Harish by more than 250 votes.

    Not only Govindu, but his entire syndicate had won the elections with a big majority. Here is the list of office bearers.

    Sa Ra Govindu (President)

    Umesh Banakar (Vice president - Producer sector)

    M N Kumar (Vice president - Distributor sector)

    Jairaj D R (Vice president - Exhibitor sector)

    M G Ramamurthy (Secretary - Producer sector)

    M N Suresh (Secretary - Distributor sector)

    Narasimhulu (Secretary - Exhibitior sector)

    Rajendra - Treasurer

  • Sa Ra Govindu to contest from Rajajinagar?

    sa ra govindu to contestant from rajajinagar

    Popular Kannada activist, film producer and currently the president of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Sa Ra Govindu is under pressure to contest the upcoming Assembly elections from the Rajajinagar constituency in Bengaluru. Sources have confirmed that Govindu has been given the offer. Govindu has a good rappot with top politicians from all political parties. In the film industry he is the go-to man to get any industry-related things get done by the government. Since he is close to Siddaramaiah, BS Yeddyurappa and HD Kumaraswamy, it is a suspense about which party he will contest from. Sources say that he has offers from more than one political party. 

    Politics is not new to Govindu. He is the president of the Akhila Karnataka Dr Rajkumar Abhimanigala Sangha for over three decades now. In the 1980s the Abhimani Sangha was known as the third most important political force in Karnataka though it was not into electrol politics. After the aftermath of the Gokak Chaluvali the influence of the Sangha was so high that it was de facto considered a political power. But Rajkumar and the Sangha never ventured into politics. Even in the 1970s itself there was lots of pressure on Rajkumar to contest elections but he refused. in the 80s there was speculation that he would launch his political party but again he refused. The Abhimani Sangha however stood in support of all of Rajkumar's decisions. 

    In 2017-18 the story is completely different. Govindu has the legacy of the Abhimani Sangha behind him. Personally he has become one of the most important personalities in Sandalwood. Due to his influence and friendship with top political leaders like Siddaramaiah, BS Yeddyurappa and Kumaraswamy he has managed to get the governments in the last 10 years to help the Kannada film industry to a very large extent. His mission and activities go much beyond films. He has participated in various pro-Kannada agitations and activities over the last three decades and continues to do so. So it is no wonder that all political parties want him to join politics and contest elections. 

    Govindu has not made his political intentions clear. His friendships in all parties comes in the way of him choosing one party  over the other. However this time, sources say, he is under much pressure to do so. Sources also indicate that he is being asked to contest from Rajajinagar constituency. The constituency has a large base of pro-Kannada activists who will stand shoulder to shoulder with Sa Ra Govindu. The big question is not where Govindu will contest from if he decides to but what decision he will take. It could happen very shortly. 

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