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  • I won't do the Rajadhani 2 if the Title is Changed: Raghu

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    Off late, there were no controversies regarding title of any film and just when everybody thought that everything is okay, Raghu Jaya's new directorial venture 'Rajadhani 2' is facing a controversy.

    On Monday morning after the muhurath of the film Raghu Jaya announced that he has got a call from Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce regarding the title. It seems the producer who had produced 'Rajadhani' is planning to make a sequel to the film and is planning to name the film as 'Rajadhani 2'. So, Raghu Jaya is fearing that he might lose the title.

    'I had registered the title in 2012 and has been renewing the title since then. But the title is expired on the 25th of March and I am yet to renew the title. Meanwhile, ON Saturday evening I came to know from KFCC that the producers of 'Rajadhani' are making a sequel in the name of 'Rajadhani 2'. I was shocked to hear this. But I had already made preparations to the launch of the film. I have not yet met the producer and will be meeting today evening' said Raghu.

    When asked about what would he do if doesn't get the title from the original producers, 'I don't know. Right now I am optimistic that I can convince the producer. If I don't get the title, then I won't continue this film. I think I have to stop the film because the title is very much apt for the film and moreover I have been renewing it from 2012' says Raghu

  • Yash In Action

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    After working in several risky stunt sequences in the film Rajadhani directed by Raghu Jaya, Yesh feels that his ambition to work in a well made action film has been realised. Yesh has already worked in four films Moggina Manasu, Rocky, Kallara Santhe and yet to be released Modhala Sala directed by Purushoththam, but it is in his fifth film

    Rajadhani that the actor has shown his calibre in doing action sequences. The unit of Rajadhani is presently shooting in Goa, where a song is being picturised on Yesh and the film's heroine Sheena.

    Yash has been working in films one after the other which have showcased his growth as an actor. Before that Yesh had a brilliant innings in Television serials where he had focused roles and he was able to win laurels for his performance. But in films this is the first time that Yesh has been having a role in debutant director Raghu Jaya’s Rajadhani which completely revolves around him and which has lot of action sequences featuring him.

    Yash started off with a romantic role in his first film Mogina Manasu directed by Shashank which won him the Best supporting actor film fare award. Though he did try to work out in a variety of roles in his later films, Yesh never had a full fledged action role so far. “This is my first film with a full fledged action role and I am enjoying every bit of acting in this role. I have already participated in a few risky shots in those action sequences. One of the action sequences required me to jump from a 24th stories building. Though stunt director wanted to use dupe for this particular sequence, I just took a decision not to use dupe. And the sequence came off very well. I have been able to get the best support in Rajadhani from action director Different Danny. I am also playing my first angry young man role which has lot of revolutionary overtones. Therefore all the action sequences I am doing on screen will look credible. In my previous film Kallara Santhe the focus was mainly on the comedy and satire. I was not able to do many action sequences in that film, though I did play an angry youngster’s role. But the story connects well to many credible sequences which are part of this film Rajadhani where I am seen along with four other youngsters hailing from different backgrounds’ says Yesh.

    Incidentally Yesh’s forthcoming film Modhala Sala is a romantic love story in which he is teamed up with talented Mallu girl Bhama. Purushoththam, the debutant director of Modhala Sala has worked with many directors like S. Mahendar who have specialized in sentimental tear jerker. How does Yesh feel about two different films like Modhala Sala and Rajadhaani coming one after the other.

    “I think it would be a good development in my career. Frankly I am happy that I am getting variety of roles so early in my career. This would certainly lead to a situation where directors can consider me for a range of roles’ says Yesh.