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  • Abhinetri in 9 Languages

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    Pooja Gandhi is dubbing her new film Abhinetri in eight languages apart from Kannada. The Kannada version which is ready will be released this month. The script work for the other languages; Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Punjabi and Malayalam is in progress.

    The film is inspired by the life of actress Kalpana and Pooja Gandhi feels that since it is a universal subject the film will work in all languages. Currently the actress is getting ready for a publicity blitz for the Kannada film and will announce the release date officially on January 8.

  • Abhinetri Made With lot of Research - Pooja Gandhi

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    Pooja Gandhi has admitted long back that her new film 'Abhinetri' which is releasing across Karnataka on the 30th of January is based on the life of yesteryear actress Kalpana. Now Kalpana has said that a lot of research has been made for the sake of the film.

    'We have talked to veteran directors like S K Bhagawan, K S L Swamy, P H Vishwananth and others and after that we have made the story and screenplay of the film. I have also visited many drama companies across North Karnataka and got not only lot of information, but also knowledge about theatre and acting. Based on all that we have done the film' said Pooja Gandhi.

    'Abhinetri' stars Pooja Gandhi, Atul Kulkarni, Ravishankar,Makrand Deshpande and others and has been directed by Satish Pradhan. Manomurthy is the music director.

  • Abhinetri Movie Review

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    An old quotable quote says something like 'show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.' It is something similar with film superstars. Pooja Gandhi's film Abhinetri really starts with the tragic scene of a film star writing her death note. The rest of the film reveals how she got there. However the film is not a tear-jerker. It is a comprehensive (disclaimer apart) but unacknowledged biopic of late actress Kalpana. Even the names of the characters (Sharat Latha for one) does not disagree. It is another story that this film would have been better off claiming to be the biopic of Kalpana officially. The film for its part is a nostalgic journey of the Kannada film industry in the 1960s and the 1970s. The protagonist is an actress who comes to Madras to become a film star. But the journey is not a free-flowing film script! That much is expected. But an imagined story is never a match for a real one. That is where the beauty of Abhinetri lies. If you know the history of the Kannada film industry, you will love this film.

    Everyone wants their pound of flesh for making a star ot of an actress. But she stands her ground and becomes a star on her own terms. But stardom gets to her head. She displays contempt for the individuals in the system who looked down upon her when she was a nobody. For not changing her attitude and ideals according to the changing times, she pays the ultimate price. The film has to be seen in the whole to realise its magnitude which the director has captured in a little more than two hours.

    Pooja Gandhi gives a performance of a lifetime. Her diction could have been better though. Makarand Deshpande, Atul Kulkarni shine in their roles. Achyuth and Ramesh Bhat have brief roles but effective. It is Ravishankar who really shines in the role of the drama company owner. Mano Murthy delivers five good songs and a good recreation of the old song 'Tam nam tam nam'.

    As producer Pooja Gandhi has taken a big challenge with such a script and succeeded. If only two films have to be chosen from her career, Abhinetri would be one and the other is obvious.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

  • Abhinetri Releasing Today

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    Pooja Gandhi's most expected film 'Abhinetri', which she has produced for the very first time is all set to release today in Aparna and other 150 theaters across Karnataka. The film had ran in to lot of troubles since its launch and the film has finally overcome all the hurdles and is ready for a release.

    'Abhinetri' is based on the life of yesteryears actress Kalpana. The whole film is set in the 60s and 70s and along with Pooja Gandhi, Atul Kulkarni, Makrand Deshpande, Ravishankar and others play prominent roles in the film. Apart from that Srinagara Kitty plays a guest appearance in this film. Kitty plays a hero in the film also and apart from a couple of scenes, he has song also. Yesteryear's famous song 'Thamnam Thamnam' from 'Eradu Kanasu' has been remixed for this film.

    One of the highlights of the film is, for the second time in her career actress Pooja Gandhi has dubbed her voice for her role in 'Abhinetri'. 

  • Bahaddur' Chethan Doubtful Of Directing Abhishek's Debut Film

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    If everything had gone right, then Chethan of 'Bahaddur' and 'Bharjari' fame was supposed to direct Ambarish's son Abhishek's debut film 'Amar. Now it is doubtful whether Chethan will direct the film or not.

    The real reason behind Chethan doubtful of directing this film is, the team has not finalized the story yet. Earlier, Chethan's story was finalised. Now Sandesh Nagaraj has yet another story and is yet to decide about which story to take first. If the other story gets a mandate, then Chethan might lose the opportunity of directing Abhishek's debut film.

    Earlier, Pavan Wodeyar was supposed to direct Abhishek's debut film. However, due to date clashes, Pavan had to walk out of the film. After that Chethan was selected as the director. Now Chethan is also doubtful of directing the film.